Former Fox Exec Explains Why Fox Won’t Defend Its Employees Against Accusations


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Ken LaCorte, a former Fox News executive, wrote a defense of recently fired Fox co-president Bill Shine on Mediaite. It’s a convincing argument, so much so that it could stir disgust in even ardent Fox loyalists. That isn’t the story, however. The real story which he gets to at the end – why Fox won’t defend its employees. Some are being railroaded in all likelihood.

Ken LaCorte

Shine is described by LaCorte as an upright guy who was a victim not an enabler, who is now unemployed with his name besmirched across the Internet.

In fact, LaCorte casts doubt on the accusations against Roger Ailes. He doesn’t deny that some of the women have been victimized and deserve sympathy but others are opportunists.

The information that Fox is a terrible place seems to be untrue at least for most of those working at Fox. However, what the management is doing with it, is the scandal.

Most damning is what LaCorte has to say about Fox which does seem somewhat undeniable.

Throughout it all, the company has barely lifted a finger to defend any of its employees in the public arena, and a once powerful public relations department has been muzzled.

It’s almost as though the Murdochs don’t mind the bad press, which just may just be the strategy. If you want to “remake” and soften a company that is wildly profitable and popular, it would be unwise to change its leadership without good reason.

Instead, it would be much smarter to let these sexual harassment charges boil and to be the hero who finally “fixed” things over there. You didn’t ruin Fox News … you saved it.

It’s nasty business.

It is what many think. The Murdoch boys appear to be moving the network more to the left but a lot of people don’t want that to happen. The boys need good excuses to fire the last of the conservatives or the employees they can’t steer.

It’s hard to believe all this conniving is going on but it is logical.

Mr. LaCorte is starting his own digital news network, LaCorte News, hopefully that will give conservatives a source of news that isn’t biased left.

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