Former Fox host Bashes Fox as racist after they gave her a chance


Former Fox News host Eboni Williams attacked the network that gave her a shot with a show that didn’t do well and was canceled. She’s not very grateful.

She said Fox News has “a reputation for being bigoted for a very good reason.”

Eboni talked about “white expectancy.” Ugh!

Ms. Williams sounds very black on this clip whereas she never did on Fox.

She went on the radio show to explain how Roger Ailes created the cable news network to serve up racialism to the masses. That’s ridiculous.

Racialism might just as well be racism although she doesn’t quite go that far. She claims Roger Ailes was merely filling a niche.

Fox News leaned right until fairly recently. That’s hardly the case now. The evening shows during the week give a conservative view which serves as a counterbalance for the far-left CNN and MSNBC.

It’s hard to believe Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham are racialist because they want borders or whatever she thinks is racialist.

Fox has many left-wing commentators all day long and at night.

Williams appears to be sending out dog whistles to the left-wing outlets that she’s available to bash Fox if they want her on their networks.

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