Former Governor John Sununu Levels CNN Hack Alisyn Camerota


In the clip below, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu absolutely destroys CNN co-anchor and hack Alisyn Camerota as she tries to exaggerate the Russia collusion-Jared Kushner collusion story. She actually admits there has been no evidence but pretends the investigation just began. The investigation began last June.

Her big piece of evidence is a business meeting between Kushner, a Russian bank executive and others. The elephant in the room is Obama’s and Hillary’s collusion. No one is investigating that and no one is on top of the constant leaks.

Camerota always has an edge of sarcasm and condescension. Her voice alone is unbearable.

The investigator, Robert Mueller is a good friend of Jim Comey’s. Because of the friendship, a Fox News lawyer Greg Jarrett said Robert Mueller must recuse himself under the law.

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