Former Lawyer: Alleged Mass Murderer Wint’s Just a Victim of Injustice



Wint’s Facebook selfie

If you want to understand the mindset that harms poor communities, look no further than defense attorney Robin Ficker.

The excuse-making for every imaginable crime a black commits is sending the wrong message.

In Baltimore, we see those in authority and the media continuously refer to the rioters as misguided youth or some other euphemism that doesn’t describe their violent and criminal behavior.

Megyn Kelly had a segment on her show this evening with Bernie Keric and Robin Ficker. Ficker has served as a defense attorney in six cases against Wint and got him off. If he hadn’t been so masterful getting him freed, he might not have been able to murder four people.

Thinker said he knows Wint as a nice guy.

He said there were phoniness about the charges against him, ignoring the fact that there were so many that he pleaded guilty to.

Megyn rolled out a long list of some pretty violent crimes he committed. Ficker made excuses for every conviction she brought up.

He insisted Wint was the victim of injustice.

The evidence, according to Ficker, is wrong. It’s not him in the footage. The pizza with the DNA might not have been found in the house.

His big point was there is a presumption of innocence in this country.

It would be nice if the situation were reversed people would feel that same way. There is no presumption of innocence for the six officers in Baltimore. Officer Wilson had no presumption of innocence. Zimmerman was deemed guilty immediately by the media.

If you didn’t hear this lawyer yet, you won’t believe how outrageous he is.


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