Former Minn. Officer Mohamed Noor GUILTY in death of Justine Damond


Justine Damond

Somali refugee Mohamed Noor, who was a police officer in Ilhan Omar’s district, was found guilty in the 2017 shooting death of unarmed Justine Damond, who was shot after calling 911.

Noor was acquitted of the second-degree murder charge, but the jury convicted Noor of the third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter charges.

Noor’s defense attorney Thomas Plunkett argued that Noor remain free pending sentencing, saying that “Mr. Noor has conducted himself professionally and honorably throughout the entire case.” Judge Kathryn Quaintance declined the request, and Noor was escorted away by deputies.

He showed no emotion as he was led away in handcuffs.

The prosecutor was not impressed with the quality of the police department’s original investigation.

The jury was sympathetic to Noor, but they were never given a real explanation as to why Justine Damond was shot. The only excuse they heard was from his partner Officer Harrity who said, “we were spooked.”

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