Former Muslim Brotherhood Jihadist Warns of Terror Group’s Intentions


Barack Obama says we are not at war with radical Islam. That statement is a straw man argument set up to distract and evade. No one wants war with 1.6 billion Muslims, most of whom are peaceful people.

Kamal Saleem

We do need to address radical Islam, but by not naming it, Mr. Obama does not have to address it. He claims it is divisive and gives legitimacy to the radicals.

What it really does is give us illegitimacy and ignores the reason for the extremism. If we go along with Barack Obama and pretend that this is about poverty not radical Islam, we can’t possibly solve the problem. We will focus on non sequiturs.

A former member of the terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, Kamal Salem appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday.

Saleem was part of the ideology and followed the Prophet’s commands to war against nonbelievers until everyone is a Muslim. The days of the Muslim will not rise again until it is done.

We are fighting radical Islam and we need to find out why Barack Obama is saying we are not fighting radical Islam, we need to know who has his ear.

Jobs have nothing to do with people joining radical Islam. Poor in many Muslim nations do not rise up.

Saleem was radicalized as a child. He was told to die for Allah.

He has never been invited to give testimony to the WH but he has sent his thoughts to them.

He said Obama has decided to sleep with the Brotherhood even though we know they have produced a manifesto describing how they will destroy the U.S.