Former NFL Punter Melts Down Before the World on Twitter


Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe had a complete meltdown on Twitter. President Trump and his actions seem to have caused him to lose him mind. He thinks Fascists and Nazis are taking over and is recommending taking over armories, shooting law enforcement, and fighting in a revolution.

He writes for the hard-left online rag “Medium”. One article he wrote was titled, F*k You, Donald Trump, and he waxed poetic with the opening line: F*k you for being a hypersensitive, grossly plump caricature of a human being; a squirming mass of cockroaches lurking under a skinsuit veneer.

That’s terrible writing.

Kluwe also writes for crazy Deadspin.

The Minnesota Vikings released him in 2013. He was going to sue but settled. His lawsuit was to allege religious discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, defamation and tortious interference with contractual obligations over what he said was a pattern of intolerant language by special teams coordinator Mike Priefer related to Kluwe’s activism on gay marriage.

He is one of the civil Democrats who wants only love.

He literally looks like he went insane on Twitter.

He likes the 2nd Amendment for himself and his left-wing fanatics.

He wants us to resist the local law enforcement in their jackboots.

He’s recommending capturing armories and gun shops.

Learn combat.

Uh, yes, you sound insane.

He thinks a fascist regime under Trump will take us over.

He retweeted this and definitely thinks Russia is behind some of this.

He’s getting responses and of course he thinks they are all Nazis.

He’s got fascism all figured out.

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7 years ago

“Literally Melts Down” Sorry I am a native English speaker + I can get by in a couple of other languages. What language is your “literally” from and how is it rendered in English?