Former NPR Anchor Says US Was “Built for White Prosperity”


Former NPR anchor Michelle Norris said the phrase “Make American Great Again” is racist. Prosperity was only for whites, she said.

CBS Panel of Trump Bashers Discuss Whites as Racists

A panel of hardened anti-Trumpers on CBS’s Face the Nation expressed complete disgust with President-elect Trump. Two Bush White House veterans – speechwriters Michael Gerson and David Frum – claimed the election was stolen by Russia and forewarned that there is a forthcoming “constitutional crisis.

The entire panel was a bash-Trump affair and not one person had a positive view. CBS could have found one supporter but they didn’t even try.

Former NPR anchor Michelle Norris declared Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan clearly had a racial component, since America was “built on the promise of white prosperity above everything else.”

“In the phrase ‘Make America Great Again,’ there is one word that if you are a person of color that you sort of stumble over. And it’s the word ‘again.’

Because you’re talking about going back to a time that was not very comfortable for people of color. They did not have opportunities. They were relegated to the back of the line.

And this is a country that, you know, to be honest, was built on the promise of white prosperity above everything else. And for a lot of people when they hear that message, “Make America Great Again,” deeply encoded in that message is a return to a time where white Americans can assume a certain amount of prosperity because….”


More particularly in the last two years. I don’t want to say that I told you so, but I was not as surprised by Donald Trump’s victory because I saw a lot of these sentiments coming in, you know, over the transom.

A lot of people feeling a lot of vertigo in this country for a lot of reasons. Some of it is, you know, racial fragility and not necessarily feeling like their feet touch the floor, feeling that they’re not at the front of the line.

But also technological disruption. Even though the economy, all these indices of the economy, suggest that we’re doing fine, people don’t necessarily feel it. And Donald Trump was able to tap into a message where people felt a lot of discomfort. And– and that again is somewhat retrograde. I mean, fear is not our brand, you know, in America. And– and that is so much sort of the bright vein that ran…through this campaign.”

This is the same slogan Bill Clinton used in the late 1980s.

Recently, Clinton also said it was racist despite having used it himself.

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