Former NSA Adviser John Bolton Sends a Cryptic Tweet -UPDATED


President Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton tweeted Tuesday that the country’s national security priorities are “under attack from within.”

“It probably goes without saying, that our country’s commitment to our national security priorities is under attack from within,” Bolton tweeted.

“America is distracted. Our enemies are not. We need to make U.S. national security a priority.”

There was no further explanation. We don’t know what he was referencing but we think the Trump haters might be disappointed if they expect him to hang Donald Trump out to dry.

Bill O’Reilly interviewed President Trump on his radio show today. The subject of John Bolton came up and the President said he liked John, it was just time for him to leave. He added that John had a problem or had problems with some of the people.

The following is an update from the actual transcript:

O’REILLY: What about John Bolton? Why did he leave your administration?

TRUMP: “Well, I got along with John, I always did but he was having a little difficulty with some of the other folks. It was time, it was not a big deal, I didn’t think and I’ve always liked him. He’s a tough guy. He’s, you know, has a tough attitude on the world and I do too, frankly. Maybe I would be a little bit, a little bit longer in terms of to accept, I could wait a little bit longer and maybe I am more severe than he is. I mean, it’s you know, but John, I’ve always liked him. I’ve always gotten along and he’s had a couple of people in there, one in particular who I really liked, who worked very closely with him and you know, we very much are of the same thing. Other than sometimes he’d want to go a little bit faster and do it faster than me.”

O’REILLY: But why did he leave?

TRUMP: “He’s a warrior in the sense that he wants to take care of things when this country isn’t respected.”

O’REILLY: But why did he leave your administration?

TRUMP: “Different, really differences with not me as much as one or two other people that are important, you know, that have positions that are very important.”

OREILLY: So, I’m reading Secretary of State Pompeo here. I’m reading that into what you said.

TRUMP: “I mean, that you’d have to ask them. You could ask John.”.

O’REILLY: Was he too hawkish?

TRUMP: “I had a very good relationship with John, actually.”

O’REILLY: Okay. Was it was he too hawkish? Was he too aggressive?

TRUMP: “Well, he’s a hawk, no doubt about it.

O’REILLY: Absolutely.

TRUMP: “He’s a hawk, there’s no doubt and you’re not going to change that. I wouldn’t want to change that. I viewed John, as, you know, very much of an advantage because I’ll make that final decision but, you know, bringing John in, the other side views it and they say, wow, he’s tough. So, no, my relationship with John was a very good relationship, actually.”

Perhaps John Bolton is concerned about the President’s advisers and the deep state, not the President. Bolton is a hawk and the President is not going down that path, which could be another point of contention. The President did also say he agreed with John Bolton on most issues.

The former NSA adviser has formed a PAC to help certain congressmen, including mine, Rep. Lee Zeldin. It seems that is his focus for now, not trying to depose the President.

The update includes the transcript from the O’Reilly interview.

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