Former NSA Chief: Apple Is Right


Michael Hayden

Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden told Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning that “Apple is right”. A backdoor on blanche is bad for two reasons, it’s bad for privacy and it’s bad for national security.

Michael Hayden told Charlie Rose: “Charlie, this is a morality play for the theme of the book which I try to describe as you know — these are always tough choices and this is not about the forces of light and the force of darkness. This is about balancing two virtues, two things we want deeply, security and privacy, liberty and safety. And so, now is acting out in this particular sphere. I think — I think Apple is right in terms of opposing universal backdoors to make it easier for our or any government to get into encrypted communications. But I am —“

“But I am not convinced that what the FBI is asking Apple to do in San Bernardino is that. And I think the burden of proof is on Apple to show that there is an inevitable slippery slope from this very targeted focused request from the bureau, a slippery slope from that to this thing over here. And Charlie, look, as you said, I ran NSA, backdoors are backdoors. If they are in there, good security services around the world are going to exploit that and take advantage of that.”

“It’s a perpetual grey area”, he added.  “— and you should not go beyond a certain point. And my judgment, in this particular case is that universal backdoors, although it may facilitate American law enforcement for very good purposes, on balance, on balance, actually are an overall negative for American security, not just American privacy.”



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