Former Obama Advisors Advise Stormy-Avenatti Crowdfunding Source


Everyone has been wondering who is funding the Stormy Daniels and keeping her lawyer Michael Avenatti employed. There is also the matter of the lawsuit she will face for breaking her non-disclosure agreement [NDA]. There is a likely answer and it lies with Obama-Clinton advisors.

Stormy’s lawyer denies the political left is behind their non-stop assault on the President.

Avenatti, the attorney representing Stormy Daniels, said on Thursday donations are paying his fees as he represents Stormy Daniels in her legal fight against President Trump.

Fees are also paid by his client, porn star Stormy Daniels, or so he says.

“Once again (for at least the 20th time)- ALL fees and expenses of this case have either been funded by our client, Ms. Stephanie Clifford [Stormy], or by donations from our page. Please re-read that if you are unclear. Read it again if need be. Keep reading it until you get it,” Avenatti said in the statement. “This is a search for the truth. And in the spirit of Ms. Clifford’s courage, we are not going away anytime soon.”

“No political party or PAC is funding this effort,” he said. “No left wing conspiracy group is behind this. And no big fat cat political donors are leading the charge. Get over it.”

His crowdfunding site has reached nearly $500,000 and he wants $800,000.

Look who is behind the curtain

The Daily Mail’s political editor, David Martosko, tweeted that two former Obama advisers, Ron Klain and Kip Wainscott, are both advising the crowdfunding organization that’s raising money for Stormy Daniels.

Martosko provided evidence:

Klain is also tied to Hillary

Ron Klain was also spotted at Hillary Clinton’s 70th birthday party. Klain has deep ties to Hillary and was one of her candidates for Chief of Staff had she won the election. He led Clinton’s debate preparation team and served as chief of staff for former Vice President Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama and the Clintons have their claws into everything.

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