Former President Obama was behind the elevating of the dossier


In a series of tweets, Catherine Herridge, now a CBS News Senior Investigative Correspondent, pointed to several pages in the Horowitz report that might be overlooked and deserve a lot of attention. The information isn’t new so much as now proven. The biggest takeaway is how involved President Obama was in the spreading of the Steele-dossier information.

Andrew McCabe gave three reasons for including the Steele dossier in the 2017 ICA — the Russia intel assessment — and number 1 was “President Obama had requested” to include “everything you have relevant to this topic of Russia interference.”

Whether he had the relevant information about the dossier is unclear but he was behind the elevation of “everything.”

In a text message with his lover Lisa Page, fired agent Peter Strzok wrote that intel agencies in January 2017 were leaking like mad. Would all these people leak without Obama knowing and giving his okay?

McCabe, who knew Obama’s wishes, wanted the dossier in the main body of the ICA but it became an item in the appendix.

The former deputy attorney general, Andrew McCabe, “understood President Obama’s request for the ICA to require the participating agencies to share all information relevant to Russia and 2016 elections.”

So, then-President Obama told McCabe or he got it from then-director Comey to put everything in the ICA, including the dossier obviously, and he told him to share all the information with participating agencies — which was a lot of agencies.

According to the FISA report, Russia had dirt on Hillary. Agent Strzok believed it was shared with the intel service of a friendly foreign government, according to Horowitz.

Could that government be the U.K.?

The FBI knew the dossier was a fake from the beginning.



At the same time, the late senator John McCain and his associate David Kramer were scrambling to share the unverifiable dossier with the FBI and reporters in December 2016. McCain had denied that he was the source for the BuzzFeed article.

In March, Catherine Herridge reported that an unsealed declaration revealed the truth about McCain, according to FBI agent Bill Priestap, although there is other evidence. It was long suspected that McCain was the source despite his lies.

David Kramer swore in December 2017 that he received the dossier from Steele and then disseminated it to multiple journalists. The report was also shared with State Department official Victoria Nuland and Obama National Security Council official Celeste Wallander and Rep. Adam Kinzinger, no ally of Trump’s.

The documents were unsealed as a result of a libel case against BuzzFeed.

The President wasn’t sworn in until January 2017. It looks like a frame-up from start to finish and it appears to have started and ended with Barack Obama.



  1. Of course we need proof but it’s pretty damn evident and has been fora long time that it was one of two things, either 1. Obama is so inept, oblivious, and stupid not to know or 2. He knew it all and was instrumental in this attempted coup, which makes him guilty of subversion of the the Constitution and a traitor. I opt for #2 he’sin over his head in his own schitt. That every time he opened his lying mouth it added to the pile.

  2. There was NO hack…the transfer speed of the data precluded this, it was a DOWNLOAD and the main stream corrupt media studiously ignored same…remember they “alluded” to the hacking of the Maine electrical grid by person or persons unknown – so it must have been Russians!!! Obama used this spurious “hacking” to instigate Russiagate to deflect the expected WikiLeaks, which incidentally have NEVER been debunked, “dump” on Hillary…which morphed into the fraudulent Mueller inquiry. The $80,000.00 Russian “interests” invested in ads, all of which were NOT of a political nature, as reported by Facebook was blamed by the retards in the MSM to have somehow “swayed” enough voters to affect the outcome of the election – “interference”…boy, if that WAS for real those Russians would have been the MOST sought after political campaign managers in the GALAXY….Irrespective…follow the dots…This,Fusion Gps…etc.,etc., were beautifully orchestrated to bring about the “death” of the “free internet”…

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