According to Disturbing New Reports the Former President Did Sabotage the Current Administration


file photo of Barack Obama

Inside sources are telling news networks that former President Obama is deliberately sabotaging President Trump with the fake Russia story. Isn’t that treason?

Former Obama officials are reportedly turning to a smear campaign about possible communications between President Trump and the Russians.

They were first told by Obama to leave a clear trail of “evidence” for any future government investigations. An intelligence official said that in his last days, Obama was determined to keep the Russia issue alive, circulating the data as widely as possible.

Intelligence officials were told to keep the information at as low a classification as possible, making it available to as many government workers as possible.

Officials were told to ask specific questions during briefings in order to archive them for use at a later date.

Senator Schumer joined the efforts to discredit Trump with Sessions as the target, claiming Sessions is working hard to cover up the contacts.

Catherine Herridge gave the same report.

Schumer threatened Trump with the CIA.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a threat to the left and he is a prime target. We see it now in the Preet Bharara “scandal” with a very sneaky Bharara demanding to be fired for political purposes.

Preet Bharara is one of 46 U.S. Attorneys who was asked by AG Sessions to resign. Though this is the custom in new administrations, the media is pretending it’s somehow unfair.

Preet Bharara in particular was originally told by Senator Schumer that he would be asked to stay on but when he refused to resign, he was fired.

Bharara is the attorney who refused to investigate Hillary Clinton and her corrupt enterprise, The Clinton Foundation.

The alleged surveillance and possible wiretapping is for the same purpose — to sabotage Trump.

Do intelligence officials wiretap unofficially? According to Dennis Kucinich, no fan of Trump, they do.

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