Former Senior NASA Scientist Says Hurricanes Are Not Climate Change, Just Climate


The unsubstantiated reports about the latest hurricanes being caused by global warming just got rear-ended by an actual climate scientist who said, “This is what weather looks like”, taking the idea for the expression from the left-wing radicals marching through the streets chanting, “This is what democracy looks like”.

Puerto Rico’s mobile networks have been knocked out by Hurricane Maria.

Dr. Roy Spencer has published a short e-book challenging statements by Jennifer Lawrence, Bill Nye, Stevie Wonder and others linking global warming to this year’s active hurricane season.

Actually, it’s not hard to rebut those three who have neither credentials or balanced viewpoints.

Called “Inevitable Disaster: Why Hurricanes Can’t Be Blamed on Global Warming,” the 50-page book was released Monday, and like his August e-book, “An Inconvenient Deception,” it’s already made landfall on the Amazon bestseller list.

As of midday Thursday, “An Inconvenient Deception” and “Inevitable Disaster” ranked number one and two on Amazon’s list of bestsellers in the category of Environment & Nature, while Mr. Gore’s companion book to “An Inconvenient Sequel” ranked 100th.

His book puts down the claim that the hurricane season is because of global warming aka climate change.

Spencer argues that the storms are not an aberration nor are they the result of rising CO2 in the atmosphere.

Al Gore and that great climatologist Andrew Cuomo are trying to tie the hurricanes to global warming though it has been debunked by famous scientists who are on the global warming side of things.

Spencer is a former senior NASA scientist who says two hurricanes making landfall in 48 hours proves nothing.

“There have been many years with multiple Cat 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic, but there is nothing about global warming theory that says more of those will make landfall,” Mr. Spencer said in an email. “While the official estimate is that this was the first time two Cat 4 storms hit the U.S., since Florida was virtually unpopulated before 1900, we probably don’t really know.”

Gore says that the warming seas made the hurricanes worse, but Spencer has a different view.

He calls the former vice president’s analysis “some sort of pseudo-meteorological gobbledygook.”

“What made Harvey rain totals exceptional was the system stalled next to the coast, which was due to a very temporary weakening of atmospheric steering currents,” said Mr. Spencer. “Virtually the whole month of August was below normal in temperature over most of the U.S., not what global warming theory predicts at all.”

He cited a graph of all major hurricane strikes in Florida since 1900 showing no increase in frequency or intensity as measured by wind speed. The worst hurricane on record to strike Florida was the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, one of only three storms on record to make U.S. landfall at Category 5.

“You can come up with all kinds of hurricane statistics which don’t mean much,” Mr. Spencer said. “Florida was hit by Cat 4 hurricanes four years in a row, in 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950. Then when Andrew hit in 1992, it had been 32 years since a Cat 4 hurricane had hit Florida. It doesn’t mean anything.”

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