Former UN Amb. Nikki Haley compares impeachment to the ‘death penalty’


The former U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, was interviewed by Norah O’Donnell, partly to hawk her book. O’Donnell asked her about impeachment, and Mrs. Haley said she did not think the President would be impeached since there is nothing impeachable. She added that impeachment is like giving the President the “death penalty” for “something that didn’t happen.”

“You’re going to impeach a president for asking for a favor that didn’t happen and – and giving money and it wasn’t withheld? I don’t know what you would impeach him on,” Haley told CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell in an interview set to air this weekend.

“Impeachment is, like, the death penalty for a public official,” she continued. “When you look at the transcript, there’s nothing in that transcript that warrants the death penalty for the president.”


The impeachment inquiry was launched in September after a “politically biased” whistleblower, armed only with hearsay, said he believed there was a quid pro quo situation by the President in Ukraine.

According to The Hill, The House’s impeachment inquiry was launched in September amid Democratic concerns that Trump leveraged $400 million in military aid to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to publicly open an investigation on unfounded corruption allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden, a top political rival.

How can they be unfounded if no one investigated? Usually, something is only unfounded after it has been probed. Joe Biden clearly said he extorted Ukraine for the benefit of the company which seated his son on their board. He said it on a tape that has since gone viral.

Nikki Haley is now being pilloried on Twitter, a sewer of nasty people.

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