Former US Attorney Says Of Course Former Admin Spied on Trump Campaign


National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy, a former U.S. attorney, says the federal government definitely spied on President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign without evidence of a crime being committed.

He accuses them further of burying a mole into the campaign, hoping to find something criminal.

“I’ve written a couple of columns in the last week or so pointing out that there is probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential informant in the campaign,” McCarthy said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

“What happened here is they did not have a criminal predicate to open an investigation on Trump as they had an immense criminal predicate to conduct the investigation of Mrs. Clinton. And what they did was use their counter intelligence powers, covertly, to investigate the Trump campaign during the stretch run of the campaign under circumstances where they did not have evidence that anyone had actually committed a crime.”

McCarthy kept the Trump investigation quiet because they knew they were in legal jeopardy.

“The Trump thing was a counter intelligence investigation. It’s classified. If they had been speaking about it, they would have been committing a crime,” McCarthy said.

“Now, it’s perfectly appropriate to criticize the FBI for going public with their evidence against Mrs. Clinton under circumstances where they didn’t charge her, you are not supposed to speak if you don’t charge,” he concluded. “What people need to look here at is they didn’t have a criminal predicate to investigate the people in the Trump campaign they did. And they used their counter intelligence powers as a pretext to investigate the Trump campaign in hope of making a criminal case.”

You might also want to go to the Federalist and read Andy McCarthy’s 10 Takeaways from the New York Times article.

Listen to McCarthy:

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