Former US Prosecutor Says “It’s Clear Trump”… Will “Be Indicted”


A former federal prosecutor and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy said Sunday that “it’s clear” President Trump is the target of a Southern District of New York investigation and prosecutors will indict him.

“The Southern District of New York case on Cohen, They are clearly going after the president on campaign finance violations, and I think if you read the sentencing memo the Southern District filed in Cohen’s case, it’s clear that Trump is the target and he’ll be indicted eventually,” McCarthy said on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’.

McCarthy wrote in an op-ed that the DOJ guidelines say they can’t indict a sitting U.S. president. The statute of limitations will run out if he serves two terms, McCarthy said.

The Democrats made certain Republican Dinesh D’Souza was put in prison but when Barack Obama had a violation of $2 million, all his campaign had to do was pay a fine. The violations were arguably minor, however.

Hillary Clinton’s $84 million campaign finance violation was never dealt with at all.



Senator Rand Paul said campaign finance violations are criminalized.

He didn’t mention that Republicans are the only ones who get indicted so far. Violations are now weaponized.


Trump ally Chris Christie also believes the wording of the New York sentencing filing for Michael Cohen is very concerning.

“The language sounds very definite,” Christie said. “And what I’d be concerned about is, what corroboration do they have?”

“Because everyone knows that Michael Cohen is not going to be the most effective or trustworthy witness on the stand, given some of his past statements,” Christie said. “[W]hen prosecutors sound that definitive they’ve got more usually than just one witness.”

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4 years ago

McCarthy is a DOJ insider who is more worried about the DOJ reputation than the crimes. In interviews he has consistently showed concern for the FBI and DOJ above all else. He thinks mistakes were made but no indictments of DOJ people should occur. He is from NR, a publication that smeared Trump just before he was elected. What is the point of his gossip over Trump in the midst of the exposure of massive DOJ crimes? It is an intended distraction, he is a part of the operation just as the Mueller people are.

4 years ago

That’s not exactly what he said. He said they will probably try. However, per regulations, a sitting president cannot be indicted. McCarthy also said that the law comes down on the president’s side for defense.

4 years ago

These people are going to cause a lot of trouble. People will not tolerate this double-standard much longer. Do they think we don’t know that the Congress uses our tax dollars by the millions in hush money to silence female victims? Trump had consensual affairs, used his own money and broke no laws. Greg Jarrett and Dershowitz both say this is not a crime. I don’t think this can go anywhere.