Four DSAs [Communists] Are Running for Office in Kentucky as Democrats


Winners of four Pennsylvania primaries are hard-left Democrat Socialists [Communists]. Kentucky has four hardline Democrat Socialists of America candidates coming up. They are running as Democrats and hiding their platforms behind euphemistic language and promises of freebies.

Democrats are allowing Marxist revolutionaries to run as Democrats. Why do you think that is? They are Communists too? They will win at all costs? Democrats are just folding, don’t know what is going on? They are ignorant of history?

The Democratic Socialists have a more radical agenda than the Communist Party USA. In fact, I have gone to these communist conferences to spy on them and the Socialists, Democratic Socialists, and Communists would all make fun of people who thought there was any significant differences among them. There aren’t, not in the USA.

It wasn’t so long ago that people trying to overthrow our form of government went to jail.

The comrades, as they call themselves, are out in the open now. They wrote in the second tweet below, “If we want to defeat Capitalism, we have to work.

Democratic Socialists [Communists] are running in every red state and in other states as well.



Arnold Farr has six leftist friends running for the city council with him. He is black which makes him a shoe-in. Alas, he recently deleted his political platform from scribd, but calls his campaign, ‘our revolution’. Our Revolution is a group founded by followers of former Socialist presidential candidate and current Communist Bernie Sanders. That group also backed Becker.

Arnie’s slogan is he will not allow any poverty in his town or something like that.

Communist Fewick is running for mayor. Here he is:

All the Communists/DSAs are manning the phone lines for Richard Becker. Becker is an SEIU stalwart. That union is Socialist and Communist. I heard the President speak at a rally one day and I was shocked — so very far left.

Teacher Patti Minter wants a moral budget. In other words, one that steal other peoples’ money to give to the unproductive. She’s a big union supporter.


  1. My grandson other grandmother is a Communist. I’m always reminding her of how ugly Communism is and the number of dead bodies that piles up under Communism. What’s her response? The sound of crickets. Of course, this moonbat when she thinks the conversation is safe again, starts bragging about reparations.

    I really do not like that woman.

  2. Good, the more radical the better
    Any of the special elections one by Democrats do to GOP candidates not the best of choices or as in Pennsylvania, candidates running like mini Trumpers,
    Those suppose it moderate Democrats, we all know as soon as they arrive in DC they will tow Pelosi’s line. That kid in Pennsylvania thought he would go to Washington and define Nancy Pelot see. She will box his use the minute he gets there

    • It would be good if they had Republicans running against them. Most don’t have opponents. At least that is the case in PA.

  3. Thanks Sara, for you’re continued vigilance outing these threats to both our free market way of life and individual liberties.

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