Four More Years – Hillary’s Twitter Feed Platform Mirrors Obama’s


All you need to know about Hillary Clinton is a Hillary presidency would mirror Barack Obama’s. If you like your failed presidency, you can keep your failed presidency.

The family of Walter Scott, the black man killed by a white police officer in S. Carolina, asked to ‘bar Rev Al Sharpton from the funeral to avoid over-the-top attention’. Walter Scott’s mother has already forgiven the officer who killed her son.

Hillary is using the death of Walter Scott to race bait. It doesn’t sound like what the family wants.

  The bill does not discriminate against LGBTs. It protects the religious rights of conscience her husband signed on to federally in 1993.

  Attack the evil rich and the lenders!

She loved serving with the man who admitted lying about Mitt Romney paying his taxes because “he didn’t win, did he?” When she was Senator, she did nothing and only two of her bills became law. The legislation she introduced was filled was mostly softball and there was a fair amount of pork but they didn’t pass because there was no follow-through.

She loves Obamacare. Actually, she loves single payer.

  Spend, spend, spend. Investment is code for taxes.

Women, women, women…you won’t be able to criticize her once she’s in office. It will be tantamount to being anti-woman.

She didn’t tweet her happiness over the Iran nuclear non-deal, but on April 2nd, after Iran called us liars, she said this: “The understanding that the major world powers have reached with Iran is an important step toward a comprehensive agreement that would prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and strengthen the security of the United States, Israel, and the region.” She knows as much now as she did during Benghazi.  

Making money is prominent on her feeds. She has also accepted more than $2 billion from foreign governments for her ‘charitable foundation’ which mixes the Clinton personal and professional funds.


Like Barack Obama, she wants your $5.



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