Four of the Worst Dem Takeaways From the Trump-Zelensky Conversation


The transcript of President Trump’s conversation with Ukraine President Zelensky looks like a no-never-mind to people on the right. As revealed by the transcript summary and audio of the conversation, the President did not pressure President Zelensky nor did he threaten to hold back military aid if the Ukraine President failed to investigate corruption. Nothing of what the Democrats predicted is true.

The lack of any evidence or any case is now a reason to impeach, say the Democrats.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement that the memo “confirms that the president engaged in behavior that undermines the integrity of our elections, the dignity of the office he holds and our national security.”

“Nearly every line describes a shocking abuse of power,” tweeted Rep.Val Demings (D-Fla.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Pelosi claims it bolsters the move to impeach.

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.), who represents a swing district, said the memo released Tuesday confirms that Trump urged a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a political opponent.

“This confirms exactly what’s been reported. He urged the president of Ukraine to investigate his political opponent,” Malinowski said.

Nowhere does the President ask the Ukraine President to dig up dirt. President Trump wanted Ukraine to look into corruption in general and in the case of the Bidens.


James Clapper is laying the groundwork for a conspiracy theorry. The former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was using CNN to spread the idea that any such document could not be trusted on the day before the release of the transcript.

“You know, I hate to suggest this, but it’s crossed my mind that even if we got a transcript, well, can we be assured that’s actually what was said?” Clapper asked. “So getting a transcript may not be such a great thing, either.”


Judge Andrew Napolitano is a shadow of the man he used to be. Fortunately, he recently announced his upcoming retirement.

The judge accused the President of felonies on Shep Smith’s Fox News show. He did this Tuesday before the release of the transcript and he knew of no facts. Napolitano had not read the transcript, had no knowledge of what was in it, and indeed, had no facts. Yet he convicted him on TV of crimes.

The Judge claimed the President committed a crime just commenting about the alleged corruption on the phone. That’s absurd.

“It is a crime for the president to solicit aid for his campaign from a foreign government,” Napolitano responded.

“So that to which the president has admitted is in and of itself a crime,” Smith pressed.

“Yes,” Napolitano said, unequivocally. “This is the same crime for which the Trump Organization was investigated by Bob Mueller, who decided not to seek an indictment because there wasn’t enough evidence.”

The truth is the President has the right, in fact, the obligation, to pursue possible corruption and election interference by a presidential candidate.

Napolitano didn’t even broach that issue.


We’d be remiss if we left out Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a very far-left representative. She told three lies in 18 seconds.

This woman is the worst. Nothing she says here in this clip is true. She claims in this brief clip that the President raised these issues with a foreign power. Actually, Ukrainian President Zelensky raised them first. The President asked him to look backward at election meddling. It is Zelensky who raised the issue of the Bidens.

She said he withheld aid, suggesting he used it as a threat. That’s not true. He never said that. Then she told her worst lie — she said he asked the foreign power to manufacture evidence. There is no proof that he asked anyone to “manufacture” a thing. In fact, the evidence is otherwise.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated emphatically “Nobody pushed me,” into probing the Bidens.

Presidents Trump and Zelensky met at a press conference Wednesday and both clearly stated that the United States and Ukraine are allies, no matter what Democrats say.

Asked if Trump pressured him to give dirt on Biden, Zelensky said “I think you read everything,” Zelensky said, referring to the newly released transcript. He went on to call the phone call “normal” and a “good phone call.”

Zelensky added that he does not “want to be involved in Democratic elections.”

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