Our Four Top Pick RINOs to Replace John Boehner


There are many RINOs to choose from when it comes to replacing John Boehner as Speaker of the House but we picked out four of the best who are likely to assume the speakership upon his resignation. If chosen, they will be certain to change nothing, giving them an edge with about one hundred other RINOs in the House.

Here are our Top Picks!Kevin McCarthy


Majority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who replaced RINO Eric Cantor, thinks he will be the next Speaker. He is from California and that alone should be enough to eliminate him.

His Heritage score is 63% and the average Republican voting record score is 68%.

When President Obama refused to follow immigration law, McCarthy said this: The current immigration system is “broken” and “needs to be fixed, forty-two percent of everyone that’s here illegally came here legally,” he said, a reference to people who overstayed their visas. “We need to fix this system.”

That may be true but why didn’t he hold Barack Obama to account for not closing the borders, attempting to fix the visa system or follow the law as written? Nothing would have stopped Obama from closing the borders and fixing the visa system. In fact, the senate immigration bill didn’t even touch the visa system.

He’s accomplished. In 2014, he was given the award as Congress’ worst offender when it comes to frivolous office spending during the Radio and Television Correspondents Diner.




He is tied with Kevin McCarthy at Heritage with a score of 63%.

Congressman David Schweikert (AZ) was kicked off the Financial Services Committee, Congressman Justin Amash (MI) was kicked off the Budget Committee, and Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS) was kicked off both the Budget Committee and the Agriculture Committee. They were told their conservative voting records and their record of dissent from leadership made them unqualified.

Steve Scalise, the brand new conservative on the Republican Study Committee, denied there was a problem. He claimed that since conservatives Mick Mulvaney and Paul Labrador received seats on committees, the others losing their committee seats had nothing to do with conservatism. He said that knowing the men were kicked off because they were voting conservative as their constituents wanted.

“Some went down, some went up,” Scalise said casually.


Cathy McMorris Rodgers


She has a lifetime average of 54% score on Heritage. She voted with Pelosi almost as much as her own party.

In March 2014, an independent congressional ethics board found “substantial reason” to believe Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.), the fourth-ranking House Republican, improperly used official funds for campaign activities.

The full findings of the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) were made public by the House Ethics Committee. The OCE also found McMorris Rodgers improperly combined taxpayer and campaign resources during her winning campaign to become chairwoman of the House Republican Conference in 2012.

Nothing ever happens with these investigations so she’s fine.

In April of 2014, she supported amnesty and said that we needed “to fix what is a broken immigration system.” She said that with no mention of the fact that Barack Obama was violating the law of the land.

Also in April, 2014, in an interview with The Spokesman, Rep. McMorris-Rodgers said the Affordable Care Act was here to stay and we needed to look at reforming the exchanges. She was one of the first to wave the white flag.

“It is a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to health care,” she said. Consumers should have more choice for their coverage, and Democrats should abandon the idea that everyone will enroll because of the mandate, McMorris Rodgers said, still insisting the framework was here to stay.

When Eric Garner died, she wanted to overreact with congressional hearings.


Rep. Tom Cole
Rep. Tom Cole


He’s my personal favorite (yes, I’m being sarcastic).

Rep. Cole has a 44% rating with Heritage, right down there with Lindsey Graham. He votes with Pelosi more often than Republicans. He has been called the new John McCain of the House. He is a big spender who never met a big government department he didn’t like to grow.

He once said he was fighting “political immaturity,” referring to conservative members of his party.

In 2013, Redstate reported that in one week, he compared the GOP’s right flank to the drunk uncle of a dysfunctional family, suggested Republican critics of the Violence Against Women Act were racist, and singled the tactics of Speaker John A. Boehner’s detractors as “amateur night at the Bijou.”.

He voted against the bill to balance the budget in six years, against a bill to stop paying federal employees for engaging in union activities during work hours (abuse of ‘official time’), and he wouldn’t vote to bring energy department spending to pre-Stimulus levels.

He also voted against A-Plus which would have allowed the states to get out from under No Child Left Behind requirements.

When he had the opportunity to vote against the Ex-Im bank, he didn’t and he would not vote to turn control of the highways back to the states and incrementally decrease the federal gas tax.




  1. A great article on 4 slugs.Your fav is my fav-Rep Tom Cole has been a waste of space for many years.
    He’s a poster idiot for term limits.
    Ok also has Jim Breidenstein a real conserv and a rising star.

  2. Tom Cole is my Congress person in Oklahoma. He is WORTHLESS no way being Speaker he should be primaried out. I write to him every other week he has never voted my way if you live in his district we need to get rid of him this term

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