Fox Accidentally Airs Graphic Suggesting Ginsburg Is Dead, Hate Ensues


Fox News accidentally showed a graphic suggesting Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead. It was an accident, Steve Doocy announced on Fox & Friends. Like most stations, these things are prepared ahead of time. They should keep it on hold in any case.

The media thought this was newsworthy and seem to want Fox bashed, and it worked. They are being bashed. The mob wants the poor tech who accidentally put it up fired.


People think the President will kill her and Fox is in on it.

Naturally, the left doesn’t believe Fox did it accidentally, and they couldn’t wait to call it fake news.

It doesn’t happen often, but the left wants you to think it does.

And they want outrage.

The haters are out.



  1. Yes Fox screwed up, but why would they have that graphic ready to go? do they have some inside information that RBG doesn’t have long to live?

  2. The easy way for Fox to atone for their mistake is to wait a couple of weeks, until she really is dead, then run a graphic that says “Ruth Bader Ginsberg is alive!”

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