Fox Anchor Pummels Rep Who’s Leading Dems Trolling Trump’s Big Speech


The Democrats plan to troll President Trump at his joint address before Congress on Tuesday. Rep. Langevin is leading the charge and has at least 15 colleagues bringing Muslims and DREAMers to the speech. The Democrats who refused to attend the Inauguration hope to make a scene at Trump’s speech.

FOX Business Network host Maria Bartiromo brought on Rep. Jim Langevin (D-RI) on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss President Trump’s policies on criminal illegal immigrants.

Langevin announced this week he brought a Muslim-American doctor from Pakistan to attend President Trump’s speech this week. The doctor pushes inclusiveness. The doctor is a legal American citizen.

Ms. Baritoromo blasted the Representative and it was well-deserved. The Representative is putting illegal aliens and legal immigrants under the same umbrella.

Listen, she pummels him.

Democrats are bringing DREAMers, Muslim-Americans, to disrupt his speech. The same Democrats who missed Trump’s Inauguration are coming to the address to be as obnoxious as possible. They are trying to convince Americans that Trump is deporting innocent people and blocking the path of innocent refugees.

Langevin is leading the effort. He says he wants to make the audience look like “America”. Allegedly, they are putting a human face on Trump’s immigration and refugee policies.

The entire effort is deceitful and typical leftist drama.

Trump is deporting criminal aliens and wants to halt immigration from terror nations until a strict vetting policy is in place.

“We’re trying to not just tell the president, but we’re trying to tell the country, apparently tolerance and justice issues require ongoing lessons,” Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) said arrogantly.

Tolerance and justice must mean admitting illegal criminal aliens and allowing unvetted Islamists into the country.

Meanwhile a man wanted for murder in Mexico has been floating around the United States, doing all the things murderous criminals do.

He is one of the people deported by ICE according to a report released late last week from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

These are the people sanctuary cities and Democrats in general are supporting.

The 47-year-old felon Servando Camacho-Velazquez (aka El Baron)  served 18 months months in the Arizona Department of Corrections for a felony drug smuggling conviction.

He was previously deported in January 2014 through Del Rio, Texas.

He came in through Nogales.

“ICE will not allow fugitives who’ve fled their countries seeking to elude justice to find a safe haven here,” said Enrique Lucero, field office director for ERO Phoenix. “Not only will we continue to aggressively seek out these dangerous criminals, but those found to have active warrants abroad will be turned over to the authorities in their respective countries through our well-coordinated removal efforts.”

Chuck Schumer is lying about it too.

Jorge Ramos is another one who continuously conflates legal and illegal immigration. He said the country belongs to Latinos in a recent rant.


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Jim Lombardo
Jim Lombardo
6 years ago

Jorge Ramos, As an American citizen, I must say you looked good but I didn’t understand a word you said.

6 years ago

Trump won because more and more people are seeing the lies put out by the leftist commies in government and the ‘news”.

In their hysteria they are revealing themselves even more.

6 years ago

” conflates legal and illegal immigration” the MSM does this everyday, this is some of what President Trump is referring to when he says Fake News, he is correct, I call it brainwashing the viewers, the hosts of the MSM won’t even call their idiot so called expert panels out on this stuff and correct them, everyone is a immigrate legal or illegal, and its total brainwashing, sad thing is people are taking it hook line and sinker!!!