Fox host calls Giuliani, Solomon, Toensing, diGenova the ‘swamp’


Steve Hilton, the host of Fox News’ The Next Revolution, named members of ‘the other swamp’ on his show Sunday night. He included Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, investigative reporter John Solomon, and attorneys Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova.

Hilton called all of them “grifters,” “toxic chumps,” and “hangers-on,” and described Rudy as an “unethical disaster” for allegedly working personal deals for profit in Ukraine. His information came from the NY Times.

Guiliani responded, saying he has never taken a dime from deals in Ukraine while serving as the President’s attorney. He’s threatening to sue Hilton. Victoria Toensing also responded on Twitter (see below).

Watch Hilton call them swamp critters, grifters, and worse:


On his twitter page, Hilton boasts of his role as founder of the liberal SuperPAC Crowdpac, and the self-described progressive Good Business Minds — @GBMinds — which recently lauded an Environmeunstral Festival.

According to Wikipedia, Crowdpac was a partisan for-profit website whose purpose is to help unknown Democrats and independent political outsiders raise money and run for office, and to track political data from across the United States. While it was originally marketed as a non-partisan political fundraising site, the platform is currently only open for fundraising to select political ideologies.

Hilton was fired as CEO, after the company dropped fundraising for Republicans, due to Hilton’s relationship with Fox News as a conservative political pundit and his conflicting values with the company.

According to Wikipedia, the seemingly confused Hilton allegedly once said, “I voted Green” after the Labour landslide of 2001 (hard-left), but since then he has worked with Cameron to re-brand the Conservative Party as green and progressive. According to The Economist Hilton “remains appallingly understood”. There were reports that Hilton’s ‘blue-sky thinking‘ caused conflict in Whitehall and, according to Nicholas Watt of The Guardian, Liberal Democrats around deputy prime minister Nick Clegg considered him to be a “refreshing but wacky thinker”.

Basically, he’s all over the place. After Hilton recommended reparations on his Fox show, we no longer trusted him at the Sentinel. Go back to Whitehall ‘wacky.’



Ms. Toensing noted that Steve Hilton believes the “lying NYT.” She said, “NEVER NEVER did @RudyGiuliani ask Joe or me to get dirt on Bidens from ANY of our clients. Our spokesperson told that fact to the NYT. But it prefers to repeat lies to smear people who support.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
2 years ago

Thanks for the research on this phony confused person who does not deserve a show on Fox.

Mic J Palazzolo
Mic J Palazzolo
2 years ago

Goodbye, Steve Hilton…Up your’s.

2 years ago

Hilton is an idiot and shouldn’t ever be trusted again.
I predict his program will continue to decline from this day forward.

2 years ago

Hilton is an opportunist and there is the possibility that he works for F0X, like Donna Brazil…