Fox Host Dagen McDowell Blows Up at Annoying Juan


This is Friday’s news, but in case you missed it, Dagen McDowell blew up on the champion of mindless talking points Juan Williams whose only retort was read the newspapers for answers and, “Oh go on, get out of here.”

She was fierce in her response to Juan about the deep state officials who will be worried about what the Attorney General’s review might find. Ms. McDowell said the reason the FBI and DOJ officials are attacking Attorney General Bill Barr is that they are afraid of what they may find.

Juan defended the Democrats.


“What’s going on is an investigation of the investigators as punishment coming from an administration that is overwhelmingly political. Right now, really, they are distracting from the real news with all of this silliness.”

“It’s not silliness, Juan if there was corruption,” she shot back, her voice rising in anger. “It’s not silliness if there was an abuse of power. And you know why Hillary Clinton is being quiet about this? Because the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for that dossier, which could be disinformation by Russia.”

Dagen added that the “whole Mueller report basically discredits big, big elements that were in that dossier.”

Juan then went to the polls, repeating the stats selectively. He claimed that a Fox News poll found that “45% of Americans believe that Barr is covering up for Trump and not being transparent. They give him a negative rating for how he handled the Mueller report; 44% say they don’t approve of what he has done with the Mueller report.”

She addressed Williams’ alleged poll results. Dagen said she saw the poll and noted that 58% think it’s at least somewhat likely the FBI broke the law. She said millions of Americans deserve answers. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The entire time, Juan was making that annoying face he gets when he has nothing sane to say. It’s his last resort.


“They’ve had a thorough look,” Williams argued, dishonestly. “What we’re doing now is we’re trying to punish the investigators.”

“Mueller didn’t look at it!” McDowell said. “I read the whole Mueller report. “He did not look at the predicate of that investigation.”

“You don’t need Mueller. Pick up a newspaper. It will tell you how it started,” Williams then said.

“The press that lied to us for 3 years!?’” McDowell said loudly. “LIARS!”

That’s when annoying Juan turned away in disgust and said, “Oh go on, get out of here, go on.”

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