Fox hosts bash Trump instead of open borders Dems


Geraldo Rivera told ‘The Five’ panel that President Donald Trump‘s threat to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities is a “stunt.” As usual, he couched his insult in a positive framework. He said, he agreed with a lot of what the President said, before he insulted him.

“This is also illegal. I’m telling you, it’s illegal,” Geraldo said. “You cannot use people as props to make a political point like this.”He added, “Believe me, the road from the border to wherever the illegal immigrants are taken will be lined with lawsuits. I guarantee you.”

It’s ironic since it is Democrats who have used the foreigners as props for years. They are not only props, but they are also a means to an end — a permanent progressive electoral majority.

Geraldo’s fellow Fox leftists Chris Wallace and Shep Smith sounded like they were MSNBC anchors as they tore into the President.

“What the president is talking about is, in fact, illegal,” Smith said on his show. He is certain it is illegal and asked Chris Wallace if it’s just “an effort to change the news cycle.”

Leftists are conspiracy theorists.

“Here’s my guess, and it is only a guess, take it for what it’s worth,” Wallace continued. “This will never happen.”

Smith said, “it’s a push for wall funding, which isn’t coming.”


Democrats are replacing the U.S. population with malleable, uneducated foreigners from communist and socialist countries so they can have control of everything we eat, drink, say, do, and believe. These Fox left-wingers are oblivious to reality.

Democrats said all the foreigners coming illegally are wonderful, gifts of God, angels in fact. Democrats should be thrilled that they will all be sent to their sanctuaries.

It’s amazing how they have no problem with 100,000 anonymous people pouring across our borders each month. They don’t care that we are no longer a nation. The fact that most of the nation doesn’t want this means nothing to them.

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