Fox News Contributor Says Nancy Reminds Him of Jesus


Time opinion writer and Fox News contributor, the jolly Chris Hale heard Nancy’s unhinged rant about her catholicism and inability to hate, says he saw Jesus in her. Many of the rest of us saw someone else from a more fiery place.

Nancy Is Jesus-Like

“I say this with total sincerity: Nancy Pelosi reminds me of Jesus. She’s an enduring witness to truth, to justice, to mercy, and to compassion. The President and his Christian supporters could learn something from her!” — Christopher J. Hale (@chrisjollyhale) December 5, 2019

According to Mr. Hale, who has a blue checkmark on Twitter, the President who saved The Little Sisters of the Poor and who is saving the babies, is the un-Christian one.

Gee, Jesus was crucified, just sayin’.

Nancy went bonkers yesterday when reporter James Rosen, a former Fox News reporter now with Sinclair Broadcasting, asked if she hated the President. She became unhinged and was horrified at the question. How dare anyone think such a thing when she is so “Catholic” and has been taught only to love.

Love and Jesus pour from the souls of Nancy-loving Democrats.

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