Fox News Exclusive: Bergdahl Was Part-Time Captive, Part-Time Mujahid


A still from the video showing Bowe Bergdahl's release.

Fox News’ James Rosen obtained secret documents from a 2010 investigation on Bowe Bergdahl that are based on an eyewitness account attesting to Bowe Bergdahl having, at one point, declared jihad, openly fraternizing with his captors, and calling himself a mujahid (Islamic warrior).

He was sometimes a captive and at other times, towards the end of his captivity, he was one of the Taliban, even being allowed to carry a gun, play soccer, take part in AK-47 practice. He was frequently proclaiming “Salaam” or “Peace.” He allegedly converted to Islam.

It’s possible he had Stockholm Syndrome.

When he escaped on one occasion (perhaps two) and was later recaptured, he was punished and kept in a metal cage.

The government has been negotiating for his return since 2009.

The shadowy contractor – Eclipse – garnered the information from a network of informants. The reports are rich in detail and cover an extensive period from his capture to 2012.

Military officials said they never received information that Bergdahl had turned into a collaborator. [Update: General Jack Keane appeared on The Kelly File said that these reports would have gone to the highest levels and they would have been reviewed.]

Eclipse is run by Duane R. (“Dewey”) Clarridge, a former senior operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, who was once indicted for lying to Congress but pardoned by President Bush Senior. The New York Times has cast dispersions on the accuracy of his prior reports but Claridge said he has come forward to demonstrate, as he put it: “We know what we’re talking about.”

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