Fox News Gets a Black Eye: Fox Liberal Leadership Supports CNN and Jim Acosta


(The Olive) This writer is very, very disappointed in Fox News.  I expected the liberal mainstream media to circle the wagons and defend poor Jim Acosta.  What I did not expect was for Fox News out of all the media out there – to come out in support of crybaby Jim Acosta and fake news CNN.

Recently I wrote an article on Acosta and CNN: Laughable Fake News CNN and Crybaby Jim Acosta File Lawsuit Against Trump.  In this article, I pointed out why Trump is perfectly justified in booting Acosta from the White House press room.

Here are a couple excerpts from that article:

Jim Acosta has a history of being rude, disruptive, and a jerk.  He is also being discourteous to his fellow journalists, (not to mention the president) who have their own stories to write and want to ask their own questions.  This is why everyone is limited to the number of questions they can ask.

Acosta, however, thinks he is above the rules and that he is special (remind you of anyone – like Hillary Clinton maybe?).  Trump has put up with his crap for a long time; Acosta got what he deserves and should have been thrown out long ago for his disrespectful treatment of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and President Trump.


Meanwhile, members of the mainstream media are free to attack, misrepresent, lie, slander, and state utter falsehoods against President Trump with absolutely no consequences.

The mainstream media’s allies, Big Tech, better known as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Twitter among others completely support and back these blatant attacks on Trump, as well as attacking Trump supporters.  Social media terrorism (so-med terrorism) is alive and well.

CNN and Jim Acosta are fake news; they thrive on attacking our president, every minute, every hour, of every day. If you think I am exaggerating, just go check out fake news CNN.

So now, despite the fact that CNN’s Jim Acosta has earned his banishment from the White House press room – Fox News comes out in his defense.  Fox News not only defends Acosta’s poor actions and attitude, they strongly defend his right to be a complete ass.

It just boggles this writers mind that Fox News would actually defend CNN and Jim Acosta who richly deserves his banishment. Read the following statement from Fox:

Jay Wallace, the president of Fox News said in a statement according to CNN: “Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized.”

Mr. Wallace’s statement is so ludicrous, so far off the mark; it makes one wonder what planet he is living on.  The removal of Acosta’s press pass was “weaponized”?  That is in no way true, or even possible – where does Fox News management get off making such an idiotic and baseless claim?

First, as I wrote previously, only Acosta’s press pass was revoked, CNN has plenty of other correspondents that could cover the White House.  Second, I also said that if Trump outright banned CNN, that I would have a problem with.  CNN is the home of fake news, but they still have the right to be heard.

Wallace went on to say that this case is about the “free press,” no – it is NOT about the “free press.”

If this was about the free press, then the suppression of many non-mainstream media sites would need to be discussed – as well as the direct and deliberate suppression of alternate news sites by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google among others. The president of the United States, Donald Trump – gives the press more time, and answers more questions then any other president ever has.

AGAIN – CNN as a network was not banned from the White House, only the antagonistic, disrespectful, discourteous, agenda driven, and fame seeking Jim Acosta was booted from the White House press core, and rightfully so.

President Donald Trump is well within his rights to eject any journalist from the White House, notice I said “any journalist,” and not any news organization.

Just for the record, Jim Acosta is in no way a journalist – Acosta would not know what journalism was if it walked up and punched him in the face. Acosta and CNN are opinion commentators and purveyors of fake news.  No self-respecting actual journalist should want to be associated with these buffoons.

This writer, of course, cannot prove it, but I suspect this directive comes from Fox News liberal management/ownership – Rupert Murdoch’s son James Murdoch and his wife Kathryn are huge liberals, Kathryn is known to regularly trash Trump on Twitter.  James Murdoch is at the helm of Fox News, and if he leaves, his brother may well take over, and by all accounts, he is a liberal as well.

Fox News has earned themselves a black eye – in this writer’s humble opinion, Fox News is headed down the wrong road, the road of liberalism, the road of the Politicrats. So long conservative Fox News, it was nice knowing you.





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