Fox News Host Calls for Asset Reparations to Heal Racial Divide


Steve Hilton, an immigrant from the United Kingdom, has a Sunday night show on Fox News called The Revolution. This past Sunday, he said Americans need to offer reparations. It is the only way we can heal our racial divide.

He talked about asset reparations, something that went on during the housing crisis, right before the bubble burst.

Hilton laid out his case as to why he feels reparations are needed.

“Many of the barriers African Americans face today are uniquely the result of a discriminatory policy, from slavery to Jim Crow to the New Deal even,” he proposed.

That is true. They were Democrat policies and Democrats can pay the reparations.


“The biggest is wealth inequality. The wealth of middle-class America was massively boosted by policies like the GI Bill, which paid for college education and other policies to spread home ownership. These excluded black Americans by design. The federal government subsidized around $120 billion in home loans between 1934 and 1962 through the Home Owners Loan Corporation and the Federal Housing Administration — 98 percent of those loans went to white families.”

“Today around two-thirds of middle-class wealth is held in home ownership, so unsurprisingly white families are disproportionately wealthier than black ones.”

“We will never, never, never achieve racial harmony in this country until we acknowledge these truths as the first step in a process of national reconciliation,” he insisted, as he called for dramatic action to “not just a pledge to avoid discrimination but reparation for the cruelty of the past.”

The best reparations we could give is to provide jobs, something Donald Trump’s policies is doing now.

America is already divided by the evil of identity politics. We don’t need more victims and more special classes. Most people I know lived a hardscrabble life and worked their way up without government handouts no matter their race. This seems like another big government program of wealth redistribution.

Do you disagree?

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  1. The worst thing to do is start giving away free stuff. “Don’t feed the animals.” Wild animals stop hunting for their food if their fed by hand. What happens when you run out of food to feed them? You become the source for their sustenance.

  2. Tell him to go back to the UK! What a crock! Who will be next that we have “wronged”? How about all those whites who got killed trying to change things for blacks? How about all those immigrants who worked as indentured servants to pay back their passage here, and worked their asses off and who barely got paid or had time off? Or the workers who got paid peanuts for mining or the children who also worked the mines and didn’t live to see adulthood? Or the mill workers who died of lung diseases? And on and on you go! B/S! How about being grateful for all who went before you to make your life better? That is what needs to be done, gratitude not hand outs!

  3. This falls under the various Socialist schemes that only further undermines self determination, individual responsibility, and capitalism. Just another transfer of wealth mechanism that negates the right to ‘the pursuit of happiness’ not of the right to happiness. It does not mean that others must make him happy. I will not be watching his show anymore, I had a suspicion that he was underneath a liberal.

  4. They wouldn’t need reparations if they just left the Demoncrat part. LBJ started it by keeping them poor and dependent on Government. Like, what did Obama do for blacks, absolutely nothing. Blacks that want to do well are doing well blacks that want to look for excuses find them and more. Reparations is the stupidest thing I’ve heard since..well since the last time I heard about reparations.

  5. And this is coming from an immigrant from a socialist country (UK) I would like to see him sit down with Stuart Varney who came from the UK and have a debate, Stuart Varney doesn’t have much good to say about government giveaway programs.

    • This is simply another plan to “catch wild pigs”.
      !: Put out food. (Pigs come to eat.)
      2: Build a fence on one side of the food. (Pigs pay no attention to the new fence)
      3: Build a fence on another side of the food. Pigs continue to eat (and pay no attention to the new fence.)
      4: Continue feeding and build another side to the “cage”. (Pigs continue to feed and ignore the new fence. That makes 3 sides.)
      5. Continue to place feed within the sides and add a gate. (Pigs are so used to eating free food they pay no attention to the gate. It hasn’t hurt them yet!)
      6. Now put out more food and when the pigs are enjoying their last free feed…close the gate! You got the formerly wild pigs!

      That is what the Democrats have been doing for years. And the “poor-folks” are the pigs…they are used to the treatment by the Dems and merrily vote as they are told.
      And “they” still don’t notice the pen they are in.
      Now THAT is sad.

  6. Don’t you love it when people emigrate to the United States then tell Americans what we need to do? Everything from ending hate speech to overturning our 2nd Amendment. Now this a$$ clown wants American taxpayers who never owned any slaves to give money to people who never were slaves just because they MIGHT be descended from slaves. I’m tired of emigrants trying to change us into something we aren’t. If America is so bad then why did the immigrants come here in the first place? If America as we are don’t meet your standards or expectations then go back to wherever you came from if we’re so bad. We don’t need you nor do we want you and don’t let the door hit your lower backside on the way out.

  7. Why didn’t this dickhead stay in the UK? He certainly is welcome to return whence he came. He is like Californians leaving the rathole they created and then wanting to turn their new homes into new ratholes.

    • Dream on…that is what you get when you play the “what if” game….maybe, if one is a religionist, blame Eve for our situation…and the evolutionist the first slimy creature that squirmed out of muck and started sucking up air…Throughout time there have been those that prey…and those that ARE prey..and the fact that if one believes they are slaves…then they ARE…slaves to their own insipidity and stupidity…

  8. Blacks have a mean IQ of less than 90 – which is the minimum for participation in a self governing republic. That’s why there are no black African success stories.

    they are not capable of competing with whites, Asians or Jews.

    So they are apex predators- and affirmative action success stories

  9. You lost me when you said “The wealth of middle-class America was massively boosted by policies like the GI Bill, which paid for college education and other policies to spread home ownership. These excluded black Americans by design.”

    There was and is no discrimination to those join the military in times of war. In fact it’s been said that poor minorities are targeted by recruiters. As for home loans, they are and always have been for tose who could meet the minimum income requirements of the time.

    No reparations for the past. Get over it and get off your backside and sweat the blood it takes to get ahead. Too many people of color have done it without the “poor me,” “snowflake” whiners cheering them on and dropping anything other than words in their bank account.

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