Fox News Host Calls for Asset Reparations to Heal Racial Divide


Steve Hilton, an immigrant from the United Kingdom, has a Sunday night show on Fox News called The Revolution. This past Sunday, he said Americans need to offer reparations. It is the only way we can heal our racial divide.

He talked about asset reparations, something that went on during the housing crisis, right before the bubble burst.

Hilton laid out his case as to why he feels reparations are needed.

“Many of the barriers African Americans face today are uniquely the result of a discriminatory policy, from slavery to Jim Crow to the New Deal even,” he proposed.

That is true. They were Democrat policies and Democrats can pay the reparations.


“The biggest is wealth inequality. The wealth of middle-class America was massively boosted by policies like the GI Bill, which paid for college education and other policies to spread home ownership. These excluded black Americans by design. The federal government subsidized around $120 billion in home loans between 1934 and 1962 through the Home Owners Loan Corporation and the Federal Housing Administration — 98 percent of those loans went to white families.”

“Today around two-thirds of middle-class wealth is held in home ownership, so unsurprisingly white families are disproportionately wealthier than black ones.”

“We will never, never, never achieve racial harmony in this country until we acknowledge these truths as the first step in a process of national reconciliation,” he insisted, as he called for dramatic action to “not just a pledge to avoid discrimination but reparation for the cruelty of the past.”

The best reparations we could give is to provide jobs, something Donald Trump’s policies is doing now.

America is already divided by the evil of identity politics. We don’t need more victims and more special classes. Most people I know lived a hardscrabble life and worked their way up without government handouts no matter their race. This seems like another big government program of wealth redistribution.

Do you disagree?

Watch, the entire clip is on this link:


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