Fox News Host Promotes Bernie’s Town Hall on Another Network


Donna Brazile is a manipulative hack for the Democrat Party. She has lied and cheated. Forced to step down from the Democratic National Committee and fired by CNN, Fox took the reject.

She fed questions to Hillary Clinton prior to the debate with Bernie. She tried to screw him over.

Fox News hired her and is forcing their hosts, even their conservative hosts to give her air time.  Hiring Brazile was a knife in the heart. She is trying to corrupt the Fox News audience of Republicans.

Now she is pushing Communist Bernie Sanders’ town hall. He calls himself a socialist but we all know he’s a communist, raised as a red diaper baby.

It’s also ironic since she is promoting other networks. FOX NEWS WAS BANNED FROM HOSTING A PRIMARY DEBATE!

There is no longer a network fighting for America. Fox News still has Fox & Friends, Maria Bartiromo, the nighttime hosts, and some Business hosts like Lou Dobbs and Trish Regan. The leftists on the network outnumber normal people.

Even Judge Napolitano, once a fine Libertarian has turned to the dark side and is rarely accurate.

Check out this transcript from when he interviewed Dennis Prager.

BILL O’REILLY: “So this movie Unplanned. This is the anti-abortion movie. Well, the networks not running spots, nope. And Twitter users trying to find out about Unplanned somehow they were blocked from doing that. No no no no no no. You can’t have anybody promoting Unplanned. This is a just movie with a point of view.

“That’s what we do in this country. So if you had a movie about Planned Parenthood saying how great it was. Everybody take the ad. Not Unplanned, nuh-uh, Twitter Mob doesn’t want it. Far left doesn’t want it, they don’t want you to know about the movie, which is doing pretty well.”

“State of Georgia, the governor may sign a law that protects fetuses when a heartbeat is detected. Hollywood, nope I don’t do any business boycotting them. Well, you kind of say to Georgia drop Fox. Boycott Fox. Yeah, we don’t like them. Boycott them. Jean Pirro. No, we don’t like her. Boycott her. Got to get that. Chick-Fil-A can’t have Chick-Fil-A. We don’t like that CEO he’s got traditional religious beliefs. Chick-Fil-A. Don’t buy that. Can’t go to the airport.”

“No, boycott boycott boycott boycott and cowardly companies… we don’t want that. We’re not going to we don’t advertise. Now with a Twitter mob after me.”

“So my question is, can traditional conservative Americans fight this? Is there any way to do it? So if you’re a guy who is involved in the battle. Dennis Prager from Los Angeles he’s a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. And he is the Dean of Prager University a nonprofit organization that fights back against the progressive madness. But this is more, this is an organization. We have to, we Americans who want fair play, have got to organize against the boycotters and the far left progressive loons. Do we not?”

DENNIS PRAGER: “We do and I spoke a couple of weeks ago in Utah after the annual meeting of the heads of the Utah Republican Party and many state officials were there and I said you don’t realize this you, Republicans. I’m a Republican too but you don’t realize you are the thin red line because red is theoretically Republican, blue Democrat. You are the thin red line between chaos and none of the existential battle in human life. And they don’t realize that they were the organization that you want Bill, should be called the Republican Party. But very few Republicans I guess are fighters.”

BILL O’REILLY: They’re afraid. Look, Dennis, I worked at Fox News when Roger Ailes was in command. There was a fight back. Now there is no fight back. OK. And you see what’s happened. There’s no fight back anywhere.”

“They are afraid the Twitter mob is going to turn on them. Same thing with Republican politicians. Don’t want to get anywhere near this and many radio talk show hosts are in the same category. They want to take them on because they don’t want. Nobody’s a perfect person. Twitter mob can hang you. And they don’t want it. And that’s what’s happening they have intimidated the entire country.”

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