Fox News Hosts Embroiled in a Public Battle


Shepherd Smith discussed alleged crimes committed by President Trump on his show earlier this week with Judge Napolitano, who declared that the President did indeed commit crimes. There was no pushback from the Trump-hating Smith. At the time, neither the Judge nor Smith had any information except the gossip by Democrats and the media. There was no transcript and no whistleblower complaint. When the Judge convicted the President, he had no information whatsoever.

Joe diGenova called the judge a fool on Tucker Carlson’s show that night and contradicted the judge’s contention that the President committed crimes. Joe diGenova does have a better background to determine innocence and guilt.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out opinion host Shepard Smith for being a left-wing political activist masquerading as an objective journalist.

Tucker told diGenova: “Apparently [Shepard Smith], who hosted Judge Napolitano, was watching last night and was outraged by what you said and quite ironically, called you ‘partisan.’”

Carlson added: “It makes people cynical when you dress up news coverage — when you dress up partisanship as ‘news coverage’ — and pretend that your angry political opinions are ‘news.’ People tune out. They know dishonesty when they see it.”

Shep Smith went live in his condemnation. He found it all so “repugnant.” Shep is definitely an activist pretending to be a journalist. He finds the people who will support his pre-determined conclusion and never presents the other side except to mock it.

Tucker then had Mr. di Genova return to answer the attack.

According to Vanity Fair, Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and president Jay Wallace communicated to Smith this morning to stop attacking Carlson, a person briefed on the conversation said. “They said if he does it again, he’s off the air,” the source said. (Fox News spokesperson Irena Briganti denied that management had any direct conversation with Smith).

Who knows if it’s true but Carlson’s ratings are far better than angry Sheps’.

Vanity Fair also claimed the whistleblower’s comments threaten to blow up the Trump presidency and Sean Hannity has been telling friends that the whistleblower’s claims are “really bad.”

Whether it’s true or not, we can’t say. So far, it looks like those allegations are just hearsay. We’ll wait for the evidence. If the whistleblower is truly a Brennan hack, then nothing he says can be believed.

Personally, I think Vanity Fair is incapable of legitimate reporting.

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