Fox News Is In Danger of Becoming the Next Fake News Station


The hard-left is winning. Fox News, is slowly being silenced by the bullies who watch and wait for the slightest error they can blow up into a melodrama.

A Politico article titled, New Fox chief cracks down on inflammatory statements, explains that the new CEO of Fox News blasted the producers and told them to get control of the on-air personalities. She’s caving to the left. It was likely precipitated by a harmless on-air comment.

Democratic strategist Joel Payne argued on air that the White House is using racist dog whistles, which led to Fox News contributor and former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie telling Payne, “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind.” The guest called him out as ‘racist’ and later said “it’s par for the course’.

“It’s known as a racist term,” said a host interviewing Payne in the aftermath in the first clip. It is???


In the original clip, the segment with Ed Henry was introduced with short clips of leftists calling the right ‘Nazis’ and ‘racists’. That’s okay apparently because it’s an attack on the right, but an innocent expression is a catastrophe. Joel Payne continuously called Trump supporters ‘white supremacists’ and that’s okay too apparently.

The real racist is Joel Payne. He seems to hate whites.


It’s a harmless expression yet there has been endless backlash. That is the new USA – a politically correct USA with little free speech.


Politico reported that Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott summoned top show producers to a meeting last week and delivered a clear message: They need to be in control of their hosts and panelists.

Producers will be held responsible and somehow they are to control every comment.

Who would even think the common expression would be an issue?

“She said, ‘You are responsible for protecting the talent, protecting the brand,’” one of the people aware of the meeting said. “She said, ‘You are responsible as the producers. You have to protect the talent and the brand.’”

This took place after the CEO was in the job two months, Politico reported.


The leftists, especially Media Matters, have launched boycotts and Fox has lost several national advertisers on some shows in recent months. Prominent Trump haters are blasting the channel.

Laura Ingraham is very popular which makes her a prime target. Politico reported:

Recent on-air statements by prime-time host Laura Ingraham, as well as guest commentators, about the child separation crisis at the U.S.-Mexican border were viewed as so problematic, according to one of the people with knowledge of the meeting, that Scott told the group that, going forward, material about children should be scripted in advance and reviewed before airing. Producers, presumably, would be the ones to review the copy.

Ingraham had drawn fire for comparing child detention centers to “summer camps” and “boarding schools.”

The truth is that where these kids came from, the detention centers are an improvement. They don’t stay long and move on to become Americans in a relative’s home in the USA or a foster home.

Expect a kinder, more left-friendly Fox News in the future as the pressure increases. It has already happened. Left-wingers on Fox can pretty much say anything but if you are on the right, the hard-left is watching.

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5 years ago

Hannity certainly did not follow the guidelines. Last night his show was especially aggressive. Sara Carter bluntly called the people under questioning in Congress liars multiple times. Dobbs did not hold anything back either.

Fox will lose this fight, some of the top shows will move elsewhere if forced to censor content.

jc calhoun
jc calhoun
5 years ago

glad he didn’t say “boy howdy” which was Gabby Hayes favorite expression….

Jack Lautenberg
Jack Lautenberg
5 years ago

‘You are responsible as the producers. You have to protect the talent and the brand.’”
THIS is a big reason why I don’t watch any news channel. It hasn’t been about “reporters” and “journalists” for a very, very long time. It’s about “the talent” and “the brand.” All the “news” is now is multi-millionaire talking heads reading from a screen.

5 years ago

As big a man as Payne is someone should just tell him to grow up and quit whining.

The word “cotton-pickin” has been use by a number of generations to refrain from using the G.D. phrase. It is the same as using “Friggin” to avoid use the vulgar term. It has no racial overtones. People just want to score a political hit on someone. What those on the right should now do is Every Single time the word “Nazi” is used they should Immediately and Forcefully call that person an Anti-Semite. Because what THEY are doing, as Hogg has done, is to diminish the extent of the atrocities of Nazi Germany, for instance, as my mother relayed to me, making lampshades from the skins of their victims.

This is an issue I have serious problems with on Fox. This Payne character is so vile and over the top yet continues to be on their network. I immediately turn it off if I see his face. Fox complains about the civility in the country and STILL puts people like him on the air. Laura Ingraham is guilty of the same. If they really want to improve the civility then end these ridiculous political cock fights. They could do a great deal more to “promote” civility on their channel.