Fox News Projects Who Will Control the House


Fox News project Democrats will control the House for the first time in eight years. It’s quite amazing. Democrats are running on unaffordable Single Payer, open borders, high taxes, and heavy regulation.

If true, this will open the door to investigations, hearings, and lawsuits as soon-to-be Speaker Pelosi has warned. They have zero interest in doing anything but resisting. There will be no progress whatsoever, just chaos and hate.

Gasbag Adam Schiff will be the Chair of the House Intelligence. We will no longer see any investigation into the DOJ/FBI. We will see a renewal of the probe into the Russia-Trump collusion with fake reports.

Jerry Nadler, one of the most annoying of the leftist New York Democrats, will follow through on his promise to begin a probe into Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump.

Maxine Waters, voted one of the most corrupt members of Congress by CREW, will be in charge of the money. She has promised to get even with Wall Street. That should be great for the economy.

Speaker-to-be Pelosi promised “collateral damage”.

It’s not a blue wave and, so far, they will not win by much which means, on some issues, Democrats in red states might go to the right on some issues.

That is the bad news.

The good news is they will make fools of themselves and show how truly far-left and unproductive they are. It could be a plus for 2020, even with the corrupt news media.

More good news, communist Van Jones is sad because it’s not a blue wave.



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5 years ago

Fox (Faux?) News called the House for the Dems at 9:30 EST. Here in Wisconsin, Central Time polls were still open till 9:00, as they were in other states. Other closings were 10:00, 11:00, and 12:00, with – 20 STATES – still in play:

Up until late last night, Republicans were leading in the House between 5 and 11 seats, steady.

No one else, the ones you might expect would, jumped on that:

How could Fox make that call? According to twirp Chris Stirewault: “We’re just that good.”

5 years ago

Ryan and his fellow anti-Trump anti-conservative RINOs accomplished their goal. First, they blocked Trump on significant issues for 2 years, such as the wall, a decent budget, and DOJ investigations. Then, they gave away the House.

I’d like to know why/how so many republicans retired this year.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Obama once said that Americans were stupid…..If this projection plays out it will be one thing that he WAS right about…

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

They will show their die-hard Marxist Communist agenda, Americans will once again be given a choice of Socialism vs a Revised Constitutional Republic.