Fox News Redemption Hire Brings Out the Nutjobs


Fox News might be seeking some form of redemption and increased viewership by the right after some pretty harsh leftward movements. They hired Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Sanders will provide political analysis and commentary. She is beloved by most Trump supporters.

The usual trolls with few followers are out trying to destroy her, but so is the media.

The hypocritical, lying left is out to get her before she even begins. He brought up the horrendous and unnecessarily vicious Michelle Wolf spiel. The fact that he thinks Wolf right doesn’t say much about him.

The father of fake news Dan Rather added his sanctimonious dribble with an arrogance superseding those of most on his network.

CNN, the DNC armpit of news, had the gall to criticize the network.

Democrats own the media, but that doesn’t stop them from projecting.

Hard-left NBC NewsThink writer also projects his flaws onto others. NBC is so in the tank for Democrats, they’re drowning in BS.

And so the vicious left goes on and on. It was trending on ‘unbiased’ Twitter all day.

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