Fox News Will Die With their “68-Year Old” Plus “Audience” and their “Angry-Man, White-Grievance Routine”


The Angry Old White Man Fox Audience Will Die Soon

According to WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin, the Fox News cable audience averages age 68 years of age and they will all die off soon. There is reason to doubt, she writes, that “the angry-man, white-grievance routine will work with a younger generation.”

Rubin finally, and blessedly, admits she’s no Republican –

The left hates white men as you may have noticed, especially if they are older. They have no respect for the wisdom that often comes with age and experience and are simply waiting for them to die.

The younger generation is the generation indoctrinated by hard-left professors, media, newspapers, Hollywood, and a now-leftist Democrat Party where the influence of a hard-left Soviet era style politics has taken hold.

WaPo looks forward to seeing the end of the pretty blond babes in enticing dress. Soon they hope to see CNN and MSNBC-type hosts who are chosen for the color of their skin or their sexual persuasion. No more of those pretty women with fabulous legs – that’s “exploitation” you see. Many of us see it as a normal and clever tactic to making boring news more interesting.

Then comes the kicker from WaPo: “More important, Fox News could cease being the unofficial mouthpiece of the Trump administration, offering the president softball interviews and an echo chamber for his worldview (e.g., illegal immigrants are all criminals, America is out to get Christians).”

O’Reilly committed the mortal sin of providing fair and balanced coverage of Donald Trump which the left saw as promotion of a reviled anti-leftist figure.

No more “hysteria about illegal immigration and massive voter fraud (another Trump fictional story line). It’s irresponsible, racist and false to portray native-born Americans as victims of a tidal wave of immigration.”

The left wants you to believe illegal immigration is the same as legal immigration because the foreigners are coming in to vote Democrat – for life. The Democrat Party today has a Fascist impulse to control it all and have a one party system. They are turning state after state blue with deceptive and devious strategies as one example.

Only CNN MSNBC Commentary Shows Can Call Themselves News

WaPo is a big fan of MSNBC and CNN though they are not news programs, but rather commentary. They want Fox, however, to call themselves Fox Nighttime instead of Fox News because they are commentary. They are not asking for the same changes on the left-wing stations.

The Fox commentary shows do not call themselves news shows. They are The Five, Hannity, and The Tucker Carlson Show. That’s just one more leftist lie being spread.

Jennifer Rubin who wrote the hit piece for WaPo ended with this: “If he’s [James Murdoch] going to be in charge, he can make Fox News (which is a smaller part of 21st Century Fox than one might think) into a respected news operation, one that is current with the times and is a positive contribution to the political debate.”

She wants Murdoch to take the risk of dumping the brand and is doing it by minimizing its importance.

It’s one more push, a big nudge of the decidedly youthful and left-wing Brit. They know he hates the right. Whether it’s in the plan or not, the left-wing media will successfully push James’ network to the left. All he needs is a little push. He’s almost there.

We have already posted information about the pronounced changes coming to Fox News cable as they were reported in the Hollywood Reporter, the Independent, Vanity Fair and others, but it’s worth another look.

It is impossible to know at this point if their conclusions are supposition, insider knowledge, or simply wishful thinking. All the evidence is pointing to it being fact. The future of Fox News is soon-to-be a subsidiary of a massive globalist structure within the framework of Sky News.

Fox Is Going Globalist

James Murdoch, who is described as a ruthless, relentless globalist, has risked the family fortune in convincing his father to buy Sky News.

He sees a vast, globalist news network in his future.

A new deal with Sky News was in question over the O’Reilly kerfuffle. The loss of advertisers and bad publicity that was propagated by the leftist attack machines, most notably driven by David Brock, a close George Soros ally.

The Independent reported: “Claire Enders, the founder of Enders Analysis, said she was sure the decision to dump the right-wing presenter was influenced by UK regulator Ofcom being poised to rule on whether Mr Murdoch and his sons James and Lachlan would be ‘fit and proper’ owners of the satellite broadcaster”.

James Murdoch felt he must have the remaining 61% of Sky News and the Murdoch’s bid an enormous sum of £11.7bn for it.

O’Reilly had to go.

Murdoch has big, left-wing, globalist ideas and whether Fox News will conform to the direction James Murdoch is taking has yet to be seen, but it’s looking like it will. It’s already begun.

James Murdoch Has Overthrown His Own Network

Hollywood Reporter said that James “has overthrown his own network as he moves to reinvent the family’s company’s profit machine at great risk”.

Bill O’Reilly’s unproven sexcapades reached to front pages of the NY Times and it is said to have horrified the younger son of Rupert Murdoch. “James Murdoch’s longtime annoyance if not disgust with Fox News became cold fury after the Times‘ April 1 story — even though several of the O’Reilly settlements had happened when James was CEO of the parent company.”

Though Fox News cable is, perhaps was, the biggest money earner in 21st Century Fox, “James regarded many of the people at Fox News as thuggish Neanderthals and said he was embarrassed to be in the same company with them.

The employees at the cable station allegedly believe that “James was rather exhibit No. 1 of the liberal elite entitlement that Fox had so profitably programmed against”. At least that is what the Hollywood Reporter is saying. The fact is, however, many of the people at the cable station are liberals themselves.

Hollywood Reporter, piling on, said it would be hard “to imagine Rupert sacrificing sure profits for greater good or a better image; indeed, his company had always been a pirate company.”

There is no question of the direction they want to see Fox go in and they are pushing for it. James must be assimilated.

With Ailes and O’Reilly gone, the author writes, “this means that Fox News, that constant irritant in James’ view of himself as a progressive and visionary television executive, will begin to change. Virtually overnight.”

This Is the Beginning of the End for Fox As We Know It

The Reporter says the firing of O’Reilly was an “existential moment” and Glenn Beck says it’s a “game changer”.

Is the Hollywood Reporter correct? Probably. The lineup we see now with Bolling, Tucker, The Five and Hannity gives the appearance of a network that hasn’t changed but this is what they had to do for the transition and it’s temporary. It’s not likely this team will pull in the numbers O’Reilly pulled in, but even if they do, the leftist attack machines are gunning for them. They didn’t waste any time and the attacks began the day after O’Reilly’s firing as we recorded here at the Sentinel.

While many don’t like O’Reilly, he was the face of the more conservative side of Fox News though he himself is an independent. Ailes dubbed him “The New King of Cable” when he overtook Larry King and remained at the pinnacle of cable ratings even to the 19th of this month – the day he was fired.

Vanity Fair reported that insiders at the network say the “troubles at Fox News are only just beginning.”

That’s true. The left smells blood in the water.

They quote: “Nancy Erika Smith, who represented Gretchen Carlson and Julie Roginsky in their suits against Ailes, appears willing to fight on. ‘A couple of men close to retirement got pushed into retirement early with a whole lot of money,’ she said in a statement. ‘Until Fox News releases every woman from confidentiality and arbitration agreements and until they get rid of the executives who enabled the harassment, the workplace will not be safe for women.’”

When the left wins, it’s not enough, they must completely destroy their opponents in every way, including financially.

Both Smith and Roginsky are Progressives. Roginsky was mentioned twice in the Wikileaks releases – she wrote to John Podesta asking what more she could do to help him. Smith, for her part, donates big money to left-wing Democrats.

The hard-left, now in control of the Democrat Party, can’t beat Fox which has been #1 for 20 years, so they will destroy it, one host at a time. They’ve already begun attacking Hannity, Bolling, Waters, and Tucker. If they say one thing that can be misconstrued, they will be hammered as racists, Islamophobes, homophobes and all the other things the left unfairly says about the right.

WaPo and the Hollywood Reporter conclude that “most immediately, this means that Fox News, that constant irritant in James’ view of himself as a progressive and visionary television executive, will begin to change.”

One small but perhaps significant thing struck me last week and that was the coverage of the Egyptian American couple who were released from an Egyptian prison. Donald Trump convinced President el-Sisi to let them come home.

It was no small feat and received no coverage on most networks. Fox did cover it, but when Martha MacCallum had two opposing presenters discuss it, she weighed in against the one supporting Trump’s accomplishment. She said, quite annoyed, Barack Obama laid the groundwork.

There is no evidence of that. The only evidence we have is Trump got them released.

Welcome to the changing Fox News, the less “thuggish”, “embarrassing” one that embraces the indoctrinated youth. It’s been nice knowing ya!


  1. Notice these are women causing the fall of Fox, like “The Garden of Eden”, and “Sampson and Delilah”. The manginas and feminazis call it progressive. Its just fascism accepted by the masses, and, more dangerously the so-called, gynocentric justice system.

  2. Apparently another has come out against Ailes, namely Alysin Camerota. Her remarks on CNN shows and proves that much of this is political.

    She describes a situation which is from ‘her’ point of view. We are suppose to ‘assume’ there is only one side, her side. I’m not going to be That gullible.

    Most of the 12 minute interview is “complaining” about how conservative the network is, especially Ailes. Apparently we are to take that into consideration in believing her story. She goes on and on about her displeasure that Ailes wanted a more conservative outlook in her work. Clearly she resisted against this and wanted to maintain her Own slant. Whether she wants to admit it or not every host on a show will insert their Own slant. Maybe Ailes wanted a more “balanced” approach which she obviously didn’t want to give.

    The interview is evidence that some on Fox were unhappy with the ‘way’ in which Fox would cover subjects. Furthermore, when those who made complaints left it was to a culture that obviously is one that ‘agrees’ with their own outlook and is an anathema to what Ailes was trying to accomplish.

    I would surmise, given the interview, that possibly the ascension of Trump caused such discontent among the left flank at Fox it spurred much of what we are seeing now. I had read there were those at Fox who were demonstrably upset with Trump and fervently spoke out against him. Hannity being one of the exceptions.

    We have seen the unhinged left’s response to Trump and I believe these accusers are of the same mindset and only use different tactics. If they believe that Fox was instrumental in Trump’s success then their response is to damage that brand much like what is occurring against Breitbart.

    There has been a concerted effort by the media to create such an atmosphere of hate, disgust and paranoia against Trump that is bears resemblance to Islamic terrorist leaders. Their first method is to antagonize the followers into such a frenzy that the outcome is one of violence. Enter the Antifa’s and related groups. The responsibility will be on their hands when the unthinkable comes to pass.

    But, will they learn the lesson. I recall that after the death of Vince Foster that the media began a self analysis and shows spotlighting the media began. I believe that was the start of Howard Kurtz original program on CNN. But that was during the Bill Clinton term when most in the media were in support of. With Trump I seriously doubt such an analysis will occur. Instead, most likely, the blame will be heaped upon Trump himself. What is possible though is Trump may end up destroying, or at least limiting, the influence of the corporate media. If a majority of the people’s lives improve under his term it will be difficult for them to maintain their cons.

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