Fox News’s Outnumbered Co-Host Andrea Tantaros Was Abruptly Taken Off The Air-Update



There are some interesting updates at the end.

Andrea Tantaros speaks her mind and it might be that tendency that now has her abruptly removed from Fox cable news. She was on Outnumbered Monday and that was the last she has been seen with Newser reporting that there were problems with her contract.

If it is about her contract, it could relate to how she promoted her new book.

According to TVNewser, Fox News is saying that “issues have arisen regarding Andrea’s contract” and so while she is still under contract, “Fox News Channel has determined it best that she take some time off.”

This comes just a day after Tantaros’ new book, Tied Up in Knots, was released by HarperCollins.

Tantaros has been supportive of Trump though she has also said it shouldn’t be interpreted as an endorsement. Eric Bolling and others are also very supportive of Trump and are still on the air. She has also been very hard on the Republican establishment.

Tantaros said she’s been hounded by establishment Republicans over her support for Donald Trump — even to the point of suggesting that she should resign from her job.

“Specifically, Charles Cooke, who is a writer for National Review, he tweeted out that I should give my job to somebody else,” she said. [see update at the end]

“Also, I saw a tweet, it was a meme by Kevin Williamson of National Review, trying to make me seem stupid. There’s a girl talking about biorhythms, or something. So I’ve gotten my fair share as well from folks on the right and the left and in the media calling me stupid and Trump supporters as well.”

Tantaros concluded, “I should give up my job, according to men in the Republican Party.

At other times, Tantaros has told Trump to stop talking about women’s looks and criticized both Cruz and Trump for petty quibbling.

Since February, she is no longer on The Five where she was a regular.

Kincannon, a now famous tweeter, says it’s her Trump support that’s the problem.

The update is this: Redstate has an article up in which they say, “Fox News has decided to increase the average IQ on their Outnumbered program by taking Mensa-candidate Andrea Tantaros off the air. The lovely PhD candidate is no stranger to the pages of RedState. We’ve noted that she is not only an idiot, but she’s a dishonest idiot in the bargain.”

The comment was made in reference to her statements about Williamson and Cooke.

It’s been my impression that Redstate is tied to the Establishment Conservatives who hate Trump. Whether this is a connection worth considering, I can’t say.

Charles Cooke responded to the accusations she made on two occasions that he wanted her to leave her job over Trump. Cooke published an article calling her a liar. He posted their social media exchange and he appears to have told her to give her job to someone else when she criticized conservatism – at least his kind of conservatism. Then she accused him of being a sexist.




  1. How sad and pathetic has Fox News become by not being fair and balanced!
    Sometimes when you operate in a bubble,the bubble eventually goes soft and flat.Mainly because the bubble operator needs to go back to the original making of the bubble !

  2. Keep Andrea Tantaros and boot Megyn Kelly, Geraldo ( I can punch you out ) Rivera, Shepherd (I think I’m a comedian) Smith and dried up old prune Dana Perino.

    • You actually condone the comments by Jm and Westward? Their comments should never have made the cut. They are sexist and wholly inappropriate for this type of media. FLOORED!

      • I actually didn’t notice those two comments. I’m glad you said something. No, I don’t condone them. I was only looking at JM – just not a good day for screening comments – lack of attention to details. They were disgusting. I like Andrea Tantaros.

  3. I was a FNC junkie and supporter until Andrea Tanaros was removed. but not anymore. The only way I can show my displeasure with FNC is to stop watching the five and outnumbered! Aloha boys!

    • Wondered why I hadn’t seen Andrea on the 5, but was working during that time. Now that she was fired(another contract dispute?) aka. Greta Van Sustern, from outnumbered, my viewing of fox is gone. Also, why fire Andrea & keep a constant interrupter like Tucker Carlson. If Fox can’t handle people who speak their minds (Bob Beckel, Andrea, Greta) then I am done! I am also saying ALOHA FOX.

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