Fox Reporter Doubles Down: Rubio Donors Have Told Him to Suspend His Campaign


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Charlie Gasparino reported on Fox Business earlier this week that Marco Rubio’s donors are telling him to get out of the race. Gasparino doubled down on the claim Thursday after a barrage of counter statements from the Rubio campaign and Rubio himself.

The Fox Business reporter said Rubio had a very Clintonian moment last night during the Megyn Kelly interview on Fox News. That’s not a compliment. Clinton is famous for saying it depends on what the definition of “is” “is.”

There have been no discussions with anyone about me dropping out, Rubio told Megyn Kelly, but Gasparino said, people have called Rubio and he has listened. Now if he doesn’t want to call that a discussion, Gasparino continued, fine but donors, big donors have called him.

They have told Rubio that not getting out is equivalent to “Chris Christie hugging…hugging Barack Obama”, Gasparino told Charles Payne, who was in subbing for Neil Cavuto on his show Thursday afternoon.

Rubio didn’t discount it when the donors gave their advice according to Gasparino.

Gasparino suggested that if Rubio goes to tonight’s debate and early polls don’t show improvement, the donors think he will possibly drop out.

The donors and bundlers said they told Rubio there is no path to victory.

The staffers, on the other hand, want Rubio to continue his campaign because this is their job and they want to keep it.

The Rubio campaign has said today that he will be at the debate.

Gasparino said Rubio has been definitely told to leave his campaign. If he loses by 20 points to Trump, he will possibly be ruined.



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