Fox News Specialists with Eric Bolling Premiered But Twitter Hates It


Pro-Eric Bolling and generally pro-Fox Twitter users are blasting the new Fox News show – Fox News Specialists. They are complaining that Bolling is being set up for failure by the Murdoch boys.

It’s trending on Twitter but not in a good way.

The first guest Mr. Bolling had on was the widely unpopular, anti-Trumper Mark Cuban. For most Fox viewers, Cuban is a bloviating buffoon. He’s famous for tearing Trump apart on CNN. Who cares what he thinks about the North Korean crisis?

One of the panelists is Katherine Timpf who isn’t popular with a lot people who see her as an airhead, though airhead is her whole schtick.

One problem with today’s show is Bill Shine was just fired. People are upset with Fox over the firings, possible threats against Hannity, and talk of a new and more left-wing Fox.

We like Eric Bolling at the Sentinel and hope he succeeds, but none of the tweets were positive. Let’s see how it goes once we don’t have to look at Mark Cuban.

Here are some typical responses.


  1. This show was a car crash from Day 1…..I do feel sorry for Eric Bolling, who deserves better co-hosts (Eboni Williams hedges, and is tin love with hearing herself…and the contrarian brat named Katherine TImpf needs a trap door leading to the Abyss)….Maybe Harris Faulkner and Trish Reagan, allowing Abby Huntsman to take over “Outnumbered”?…..Fox likes to brag about having a deep “bench”, but it seems like Suazanne Scott (programming) can’t press the correct buttons…Get your act together, FOX!

  2. Kat should be replaced. She is annoying and rude. She interrupts everybody. She’s no specialist, just a little whiner.
    Ebony and Eric are knowledgeable and should be considered specialist but Kat is hardly anybody that you should take advice from. She is extremely immature and doesn’t belong on this quality show.

  3. Week 2 and the show needs to kick it up a notch or 5. Kat and Ebony clearly do not like each other and the chemistry appears volatile. Ebony or Kat pick one but don’t keep both of them.
    Because if you don’t Ebony will eventually embarrass Kat and then all hell will break loose.

  4. I thought the show was as good actually as The Five–my favorites on The Five were Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld, and maybe KG. The others on The Five I don’t really miss!!! Give Eric Bolling a good chance. The show needs to have more talking from Eric than the two ladies–Eboni is almost taking over the show and when Kat gets a chance, she gets toooooo loud!!! Both ladies need to dial it back, especially Eboni!!! Eboni is very good, but she appears to be hogging the show, which may be why Kat is getting soooo loud!!! Kat went after Karl Rove a little bit too much today, but the show is new!!!

    As far as Mark Cuban goes, I never liked him because he was always talking against President Trump, but got to see a better picture of him on the new show. Very much like the other Mark that was on May 1, 2017, that has The Circus show–always liked him–Mark with the Hat!!!

    Joe and Karl were both good on today’s show–Karl had a lot of information, but at times he didn’t get a chance to entirely finish his comments–this happens on almost all shows–and the show is new–give Eric a REALLY BIG CHANCE HERE!!! I hate for people to say The Five is so much better, which in time may not be true!!!

    I was really IMPRESSED to hear both Joe and Karl talk against Colbert for Colbert’s EXTREMELY DIRTY AND LOW-DOWN REMARK AIMED AT PRESIDENT TRUMP. Colbert is extremely disrespectful AT ALL TIMES CONCERNING PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! I just found out about the horrible rudeness this afternoon when watching Fox News Specialists. The kind of baloney and dirt that Colbert talks needs to STOP IMMEDIATELY–why not take this guy off the air–meaning COLBERT!!! GET HIM OUT, AS PRESIDENT TRUMP WOULD SAY, AND PRESIDENT TRUMP WOULD SAY THAT WITH EVERY RIGHT IN THE WORLD!!! The United States does not need a person like Colbert, with his low-down talk five nights a week, which is not helping any young people, because a lot of these people are not intelligent enough to know that Colbert is ACTUALLY LYING THROUGH HIS DIRTY TEETH!!! Be gone with you Colbert!!! The United States does not need to add any more to the Liberal Snowflakes BALONEY!!!

    One more little thing for Kat–the Fox News Specialist is not Greg’s weekend show, and not Red Eye, so not thinking badly of Colbert’s horribly dirty comment was pretty tacky and low-classed on your part!!! Class up Kat!!! Just so you know, Kat, dirty is not funny anywhere!!! NOT ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME!!! It may appear to be funny to low-classed dopers or drinkers from a low-classed area (people that do not have clear heads), but even then, to most people, DIRTY IS NOT FUNNY!!! Bob Hope was one of the greatest comics in the United States and around the World (People in China loved Bob Hope), and he did not do dirty standup–think on things like that!!! Bob Hope was practically royalty in California!!!

  5. I haven’t watched the show mainly because Eric Bolling was on. I don’t think he is very good or entertaining. I never watched O’Reilly when he hosted. There is no doubt the Murdoch boys are trying to “reinvent” Fox in their more liberal image. I don’t blame for trying to clean up the sexual harassment nonsense (assuming it happened). I believe where there is smoke there is fire but I also find the timing interesting coming after a Clinton loss and the targeting of the only real Conservative news outlet. I haven’t heard much about the CNN racial lawsuits.

    I am not a Hannity fan either but with the loss of Shine it appears he wants out. If that were to happen I would be licking my chops if I was OAN or Newsmax. I get both of those on Fios and hiring a few former top-rated Fox News personalities could vault them to regular watchable status. In the meantime if Hannity leaves, Fox is done. I enjoy their news but here is the reality. Fox, CNN and MSNBC and the networks pushing the same narrative will cannibalize themselves. The only shows worth watching on Fox would be actual news assuming they stay center-right and Lou Dobbs.

  6. The program is pretty horrible. One thing that kept coming to mind before I couldn’t take it anymore and cut the tv off was, “Did the Murdoch brothers for Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld to switch places?” Really, it’s that bad.

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