Fox News Specialists with Eric Bolling Premiered But Twitter Hates It


Pro-Eric Bolling and generally pro-Fox Twitter users are blasting the new Fox News show – Fox News Specialists. They are complaining that Bolling is being set up for failure by the Murdoch boys.

It’s trending on Twitter but not in a good way.

The first guest Mr. Bolling had on was the widely unpopular, anti-Trumper Mark Cuban. For most Fox viewers, Cuban is a bloviating buffoon. He’s famous for tearing Trump apart on CNN. Who cares what he thinks about the North Korean crisis?

One of the panelists is Katherine Timpf who isn’t popular with a lot people who see her as an airhead, though airhead is her whole schtick.

One problem with today’s show is Bill Shine was just fired. People are upset with Fox over the firings, possible threats against Hannity, and talk of a new and more left-wing Fox.

We like Eric Bolling at the Sentinel and hope he succeeds, but none of the tweets were positive. Let’s see how it goes once we don’t have to look at Mark Cuban.

Here are some typical responses.

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