Fox’s Gutfeld Absolutely Torches Hollywood Hypocrite Matt Damon


Matt Damon portrayed an unhinged Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday Night Live’s first show of the season.  It was easy for him.  It took no real talent or courage to give the rabid left wing audience exactly what they demanded and expected.   

Perhaps the only risk in doing that skit was viewers might recall Matt’s close relationships with a couple of  his very famous Tinseltown friends, who’d badly misbehaved around women.  That might have been an issue, because lost on Damon, who seemly has a pre-schooler’s self awareness, are his own deep connections with this pair of very good buddies; acknowledged groper Ben Affleck and the odious Harvey Weinstein.  

Ah but fear not, because most SNL fans suffering from both a hatred of anything Trump and a lack of any intellectual curiosity, unsurprisingly gave Damon’s hypocrisy a pass.  

The same, however, could not be said for Fox News resident libertarian, philosopher, and satirist, Greg Gutfeld.  Please check out the link and watch Greg torch the Hollywood hypocrite using Damon’s own words from an interview most folks have likely never seen.  Oh man. It’s about perfect.

(advance to 46 seconds to get to Damon)


  1. Oh, boy… ANOTHER spoiled, arrogant, dimwit Hollyweird ACTOR who wants his political opinions to be taken “seriously” in order to ingratiate himself to the degenerates like Wienstein who control what’s pumped out of the cesspool they run. Hey Damon… you haven’t had a hit movie in years, so maybe you should go and ask your CLOSE friend Ben Affleck if he’ll let you play Robin to his Batman in his next comic book movie. I mean, its not like you haven’t had experience playing an… uhhh… SUBORDINATE ROLE to him in the past.

  2. The last time I saw anything this POS Damon did, he was trashing Trump and the people who support him during the commencement address he gave at my son’s graduation from M.I.T. I was a captive audience then, but I’ve refused to be a paying one for any of these self-important, self-righteous, egotistical, hypocritical Hollyweirdos and National Felon’s League players ever since. If entertainers like Damon, et. al, refuse to shut up and dance, we’ll just find better things to with our time do then listen to their blather. The more we hit these bastards in their wallet, the sooner they might realize that it’s never good business to piss off half your potential customers, and stop. Of course, that would require having some sense and self-awareness, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, and if they don’t, there’s no real loss there

  3. Damon should stick to acting. Like many Hollywood elites, he seems to have no idea about this country’s gift of freedom and our capitalist environment which has permitted him to become a multi-millionaire despite his political ignorance. He’s not even a very accomplished actor in my opinion.

  4. Notice how you never see Damon linked with a woman. Or how awkward he is with the actresses that play his love interests in films…
    It’s no wonder he’s against , and all other things good and right.

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