Fox’s Leftist Crackpot Jehmu Floats Idea Trump Paid for Multiple Abortions


Fox News’s leftist contributor, Jehmu Greene, floated the idea that Trump might have paid for multiple abortions. She has no facts whatsoever for saying that by her own admission but she said it on air anyway. This took place during a discussion of President Trump taking on Title X which gives $50 million in taxpayer funds to the baby chop shop Planned Parenthood.

Jehmu shouldn’t be on air making irresponsible statements. The leftists will pick up on it on social media and agree he did. It’s just another nasty soundbite she wanted to put out there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jehmu killed babies after birth.

This is the exchange:

Jehmu Greene: To your first question that the outrage that I guess is coming from the left, I think what is outrageous here is that no one would be surprised if President Trump himself hadn’t personally funded multiple abortions.

Pete Hegseth: Do you have any proof of that? You’re just tossing that out?

Jehmu Greene: No. I have no evidence. I’m saying would you be surprised?

Kristin Tate: You just can’t say that without any evidence. That is so irresponsible!

Jehmu Greene: Would you be surprised, Pete?

Panelist Kristin Tate explained it’s “not about making abortion illegal or stripping women of their rights.”

She added the facts, “this is simply about separating taxpayer funds from abortion operations.” This wouldn’t be necessary if Planned Parenthood “simply agreed to disentangle their taxpayer money from abortions as family planning.”

Democratic strategist and Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene pushed back, disagreeing that Planned Parenthood is performing abortions “on the taxpayer’s dime,” before making her outrageous comment.

PP likes to claim they have taxpayer money and their abortion funding separated, but you mean to tell me their aren’t clinic who could do what PP does without aborting babies?

Despite what Jehmu thinks, many women are surprised after an abortion at those guilty they feel. They’ve been told it’s fine to do it for no legitimate reason but they realize too late, that it isn’t true.

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