Framing of a President, Leaks, Lies, and False Documents


Robert Mueller’s team or someone closely tied to them leaked to the New York Times the questions Mueller hopes to ask President Trump. The questions are open-ended softball questions meant to entrap for some process crime such as lying.

There are four dozen questions. Many of the questions concern James Comey, his friend, who connived to launch the probe on obstruction charges with Mueller in charge.

Many of these questions concern tweets which should not be part of a serious investigation. How is the President supposed to remember all this? The answer is he’s not. They want to accuse him of lying.

“What was the purpose of your May 12, 2017 tweet?” one question reads. On that day, Trump tweeted that James Comey had “better hope” there are no tapes of his conversations with him before he starts leaking to the press.

“What was your opinion of Mr. Comey during the transition?” another Mueller question asks.

Mueller’s team plans to ask numerous questions about his opinion and what he meant by his tweets or comments in interviews [intent]. Mueller wants to establish intent, the thing Comey couldn’t find in Hillary’s case. One of Mueller’s team member is an expert on finding ‘intent’ — a thought crime.

Let’s not forget that two of the former team members texted a promise “to protect the country” from the “menace”.

Generally, Mueller is going for obstruction charges but will settle for any crime.

Fellow attorneys look at Mueller’s team with great skepticisim.His lead team member Andrew Weissman is the expert at putting innocent people in prison by withholding exculpatory evidence. A unanimous Supreme Court verdict overturning his Arthur Anderson case supports that statement.

Weisman has been cited for “corrupt legal practices.”

Team member Michael Dreeban is an expert on phony obstruction charges as Professor Jonathan Turley has pointed out. The entire team are “creeps on a mission” as one former U.S. attorney pointed out.

No one seems concerned that the leaking is illicit. President Trump is and responded in a tweet:

If you want to know who the allegedly “unimpeachable” Robert Mueller really is, read the documentation put together by Congressman Gohmert. We summarized it here but we also linked to the actual report.

James Comey is also a liar and a leaker. Last week, he told Bret Baier on Special Report that he didn’t know who paid for the dossier. We all know who did and it has been proven, but he lies without blinking an eye or being held responsible. He just doesn’t want to be asked again why he didn’t tell President Trump when he ‘briefed’ him.

Another one who has not been held responsible for lying to Congress is James Clapper. The prior case has passed the statute of limitations but this new case hasn’t. Perhaps Rumlestiltskin Sessions could be woken from his sleep to deal with it. Clapper and CNN were in cahoots to spread the dossier conspiracy tale.


Clapper plotted the dossier conspiracy that is meant to take down the President. This is a coup by the Deep State. The Deep State are the bureaucrats who run the government with the cooperation of the media.

If there is justice, James Clapper will be investigated for leaking and possibly lying to Congress. If there is justice, Clapper will be made to answer for what he has done.

It is the former Director of National Intelligence who leaked to CNN, told Comey what to say and to not say to Trump about the dossier, and finally leak again to CNN. Comey never told President Trump who paid for the dossier.

CNN was then able to report about the dossier because the President was told. BuzzFeed followed up by publishing the still-unverified opposition research put together by Fusion GPS and paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Fusion hired foreign agents, including a British ex-spy who contacted Russian spies to compile the gossip.

Sean Davis at the Federalist poured through the documents to draw up the indisputable timeline which you can read here.

Clapper has perjured himself. Listen to Professor Turley discuss the Clapper situation.

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5 years ago

Are we seeing the waning days of our Democracy. The players, Rosenstein, Mueller and Comey have chartered the boat of delusional righteousness and the media and politicians are riding along. The players believe in their pursuit and will justify it on legal grounds. The Rosenstein interview showed his arrogance of sanctimonious power, which Comey and Mueller also exhibit. The report of a Mueller subpoena and the details is evidence that nothing is out of bounds.

As Rosenstein stated, ‘there is no Constitutional authority for oversight, yet agrees there is “implied powers”, which ‘implies’ authority. By stating Congress is using its “implied powers” then other powers can also be applied, via implied.

The final determination of nefarious activity by Trump before and/or after the election would create a new expansive McCarthy era with Russia, once again, as its centerpiece, and, Adam Shiff being its central figure. During that era the public wasn’t nearly as engaged, but these days there is social media to ignite and fuel the flames. The result would not be a ‘witch hunt’ against a President alone but also to his most ardent supporters. In order to silence the opposition a stigma, traitors possibly, would be labeled on those people. The beginnings of such hysteria has already been witnessed, from the Inauguration onwards, with protests, demonstrations and, to the point of riots.

Those in the fight today, Meadows, Jordan, Gaetz and any associates would be relegated to the bowels of extremist radicals for taking part in a Trump conspiracy. This is where the waning would begin. Cultural apathy would prevent an uprising to defeat it, because it can be sold in “patriotic” terms as against neo-Fascists. The fervor that would ensue will make it easier for a “champion” to arise for the “benefit” of the country. Such a champion could be ruthless and cheered on by a willing public. Any opposition would not be protected by a Supreme Court as they Do bend to political winds.

The stage has been set, with an unprecedented drumbeat by media and politicians, with an increasing vitriol that shows no signs of diminishing. It would reach such a climax once Mueller publicizes a damaging report.

The report that Mueller has again postponed the court date for Flynn suggests he is buying time for something when evidence suggests all charges should be dropped. All indications seem to suggest his work will continue for some time. How would it look for a “Prosecutor” to spend tens of millions only to report to the public, “nothing to see here”. Prosecutors have one thing on their mind, and it’s not as Gowdy says, to find the truth, but to do as their title suggests, “prosecute”, and, therefore, he Will find something. And that will set the stage for a crisis that few can imagine or will even contemplate.

Trey Dawg
Trey Dawg
5 years ago

There needs to be 48 questions leaked about what Mueller thinks happened to the uranium he delivered to Russia or how much money the Clinton Foundation made off the deal…….

5 years ago

Rosenstein made a blockbuster statement today. According to the Justice Department the Congress has no Constitutional authority to conduct oversight of the Department. He cites AG Jackson from 1941 to reinforce the concept whereby he flatly refused to turn over FBI fles. He refers to this as an “implied power”.. The issue that arises is no one would have authority to investigate whether or not corruption has occurred. In the 70’s it showed how necessary it IS for Congressional oversight.

He brings up the IG is the appropriate vehicle to better accomplish the task of rooting out corruption. But that is predicated upon an AG whose values meet the highest standards. When the IG was investigating under Obama the then AG Lynch wrote a lengthy legal brief stating the IG had no “authority” to question anyone in the Justice Department’s NSD Division. He states, just before the video is interrupted, that there are internal methods of dealing with corruption. He spoke often of essentially “prosecutorial discretion”, such as the Executive Branch sets a policy on what priorities are important. Maybe this is why the IG released a scathing report on a retired FBI special agent found in numerous corrupt criminal acts, and, I suspect we will never see McCabe or others actually prosecuted.

The only source I found on this event was by PBS and the feed blanked out during part of this subject of discussion on oversight and “misconduct”.

5 years ago

This is what we are spending millions upon millions for, ‘what is your opinion of Comey?’.

People keep stating the premise that “collusion” was the beginning of the “witch hunt” and there is no statute regarding such a crime. Well, it goes far beyond that. They make the claim that even “talking” to the Russians is some sort of crime. Russia is a foreign country that the US, and even the EU, have certain relations with which takes on many forms.

All manner of Presidential candidates have take foreign trips “during” their campaigns. As a candidate for the “Office of President” there has to be some inclination on what your Administration will do when it relates to foreign countries. It goes so far as the Nominee being given “Classified Intelligence Briefings”. How am I suppose to understand this. Trump, the candidate, can receive classified briefings but CANNOT speak to any Russians. Really??

Are we in a “State of War” with Russia. All the hyperactivity regarding Russia would have to assume we MUST be in a state of war. But we are NOT. Therefore there can be absolutely nothing wrong talking to any Russian on any matter relating to the US, As a candidate. If we WERE in a state of war THEN, and only then could we “scrutinize” the candidate Trump on anything said to Russia and, accordingly, General Flynn.

I cannot even be so sure that meeting with the Russians to gain dirt on Hillary would be illegal also. I actually believe this is why no one is pursuing a case against Hillary for the dossier itself. Otherwise there would have been cases submitted in the past for similar matters. I have yet to hear a serious legal argument that the meeting with Trump Jr. was illegal in and of itself. It’s only because it was “with” the Russians and the uproar surrounding that. Notice, as Trump highlighted, there is nothing directly of Russian in those questions but only tangents. Surely Mueller is aware what can and cannot be adjudicated. That’s why this entire affair is more to do with a smear campaign than actual legal issues. But if Mueller can “insinuate” obstruction maybe the House can take it from there. Obstruction without an underlying crime is problematic at best, except for the political arena.

5 years ago

I know that these are very bad people. I also include the people from Trump’s party, who should be and are supposed to be on his side, but are not. Sessions vowed to catch the leakers. He has not. He has full power to stop this nonsense anytime. He will not. Ryan and McConnell say nothing about obvious attempts to entrap Trump in a process crime. Trump is not going to be tricked with this. Eventually this will escalate to some extreme, followed by a major conflict. The conspirators would like this to happen before Ryan leaves, unless they can ensure his replacement is also a turncoat.