France Taxes Some More Than 100% in 2012



photo of Socialist, Francois Hollande

Why doesn’t Francois Hollande just send the rich to the guillotine? Bank robbers leave the rich with more money than Hollande does.

If you live in France and make more than $1.67 million, you will have paid more than 100% of your income in the 2012 tax year. That is according to Les Echos newspaper and it affected more than 8,000 households. More than 12,000 households paid more than 75%.

This is the result of a surcharge by Francois Hollande’s administration.

Hollande didn’t  get his 75% tax on income. The Constitutional Council which deemed it unfair, thinks 66.66% is okay.

This is to be expected when the government is given this much control. It will never be enough.

Read about it at Reuters




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