France’s New President Is a “Socialist” and an “Empty Suit”


Emmanuel Macron, the French Obama

“There is no such thing as French culture. here is culture in France, and it is diverse.” ~ Emmanuel Macron

We have updated this article with the last few paragraphs because the French, U.K, and U.S. media are lying today, calling Macron a Centrist and LePen the far-right candidate. She’s not that far-right, she’s a Nationalist, and Macron is definitely a Socialist.

Ultra liberal France has elected another Hollande Socialist by a margin of 65.1%, only this one has no experience whatsoever. He’s a globalist, not a centrist, compared to the Nationalist LePen.

As former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said, Macron is a “Socialist” and an “empty suit.”

Former Obama National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes absurdly tried to make this into a win for Barack Obama.

It’s definitely not a victory for Obama and LePen was not that much like Trump. She’s a Nationalist, but beyond that there are many differences. The fact is Macron is pro-America, pro-trade, he’ll be pro-NATO and he will be fine for the United States, probably not that great for France. He was trained by the unpopular President Francois Holland.

Radicals were happy.

The updates follow.

For France, Macron, who is Obama’s choice, is being called a “centrist” though he was a longtime member of the Socialist Party. Macron worked closely with Socialist Francois Hollande as one of his ministers. He left the Socialist Party in 2009 to make himself palatable as a centrist. He has his own movement called “En Marche”, “Forward” or “Onwards” — a typical Marxist slogan. He has some convenient right-wing views such as calling for an increase in defense spending and welcoming business.

Nile Gardiner called Macron a “limousine liberal” and a “champagne Socialist” who “represents business as usual”.

The only thing that separates him from socialists is he believes in crony Capitalism which is the Neo-Socialism. Corporations can own whatever they choose privately but corporations have to be in bed with the government and they have to be heavily regulated – the next best thing to the government owning everything.

The Socialist Party candidate who lost – Benoit Hamon – immediately came out to back fake centrist Macron. Shocker!

Socialist heavyweight Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian also backed Macron.

This video came immediately after the first run.

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