Franken: Expand the Post Office & Give Them the Tools They Need


USPS solving their bankruptcy problems


The US Postal Service is losing $25 million taxpayer dollars a day and we need to give them the tools they need to level the playing field (just kidding about the drones).

The post office is run by Congress.

Republicans are supporting the  reduction of mail services on Saturday, a move which has public support. Democrats are not supporting any cuts.

Al Franken and some of his fellow Democrats have a different solution – expand the post office!

Franken wants the post office to generate revenue by providing notary services (which the bank does for nothing), issuing fishing and hunting licenses, and allowing shipments of wine and beer. The bill he is behind would in some way clear the way for the Postal Service to help customers take advantage of e-mail and Internet services somehow.”

Now, let me see, if we had 2.5 million new fishermen and hunters a day, it could keep the post office going but I don’t know what it would do to the fish stocks.

Not all of Franken’s ideas are bad, they are just not going to make up anywhere near the revenue of $25 million a day.

Al Franken and his fellow hacks are playing to their union base and setting up straw men at a time when the post office needs real solutions.

Further proof that the government cannot run a business!

Full story at Businessweek


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