Frantic Hillary Wants Donations to Stop Trump Tax Cuts, Booming Businesses


The economy has improved greatly under Trump and the new tax bill has the potential to create an economic breakout. Alas, it’s not income redistribution and Democrats are beside themselves. Hillary, in particular, wants the President stopped and she wants all that rage against the tax bill harnessed into donations to the Resistance.

Hillary Clinton is already a member of the Resistance and has formed a PAC to fund the anti-Trump movement.

The tax bill has provoked the Queen of Mean to use the tax bill to campaign for donations. She tweeted: Something productive to do with your outrage today. She linked to Swing Left, a Resistance group Hillary endorsed.

The Swing Left tweet called the tax bill a “Tax Scam”. They want their followers to “let that sink in” and “channel your rage” into donations to defeat Republicans in every swing state.

Meanwhile, immediately after the tax cut bill passed, some businesses sent out strong signs they will pass a lot of the benefits to their workers.

AT&T plans to give a special $1,000 bonus to more than 200,000 employees.

“If the President signs the bill before Christmas, employees will receive the bonus over the holidays,” the company said in a statement.

Fifth Third and AT&T are paying employees special bonuses after getting tax cuts under the Republican tax plan.

Wells Fargo said Wednesday that it would boost minimum wages for employees to $15 an hour, following Fifth Third’s similar announcement.

Comcast announced Wednesday that it would award one-time $1,000 bonuses to more than 100,000 employees, which would include frontline and non-executive employees.

Wells Fargo and Boeing, also announced that they would pass along tax savings to their workers.

This is all because of the tax cuts.

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5 years ago

Bill Kristol tweeted, “Isn’t there something creepy about corporations giving cash bonuses to employees explicitly because of the passage of certain legislation or because of specific regulatory actions? Doesn’t it have something of a Road to Corporatist Serfdom feel to it?”

Only a Social Darwinist would conclude with such an idiotic statement.

After the Republicans finally took over House in ’94 the Democrats were in shock. Peter Jennings called it a “voter temper tantrum”. It was just shortly after that I had either read or heard it said that Democrats should start running as Republicans because their brand wasn’t selling. I’m getting convinced that people like Kristol and other NeverTrumpers are those insurgents. I know, before the election, Beck and his sycophants were convincing their followers that Trump would in no way govern as a Conservative. He was a Democrat through and through. Well, after nearly a year Trump has governed far more like a Conservative than Reagan, Bush the first, OR Bush the second.

5 years ago

Poor Hillary is still whining for the White House!