Fraud Mitt Romney Plots Against Trump with Dems, Wants to Tax Carbon


The Daily Beast reports that Romney held a secret meeting with former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — and they discussed how to get rid of Trump.

While speaking with The Daily Beast, Reid lamented that he was “pretty damn worried” about Trump winning re-election in 2020. So, he reached out to Romney, a never Trump RINO.

Having once hated Romney, Reid now loves the guy.

“I think he’s one of the best things come out of Utah in a long time,” Reid said of Romney. “I think that he’s a good person.”

Reid is reaching out to other establishment Republicans so they can all plot together.

As Governor Huckabee says, Romney would rather have any of these hard-left candidates than the President.

Doesn’t that make Romney a Democrat?

Romney is a Democrat, just not as far left as most.


Speaking at the conservative Sutherland Institute in Salt Lake City, fake Republican Mitt Romney said he wants to tax carbon. He said he believes in climate change and blames humans for the problem.

“In some respects, I’ll be able to make inroads with some of the young people coming along,” he said.

He called the Green New Deal “silliness” partly because of the growth in emissions coming from developing countries, not the U.S.

He didn’t mention the plan’s goal of eliminating cows and cars and taking over the entire U.S. government.

Romney wants more incentives for alternative energy.

“I’m not willing to sit by if there are major sectors that are losers … and watch people and communities suffer because of that change,” he said.

And he wants to tax us for carbon emissions. he sees it as a real plus and promoted the benefits. According to him, the fee on fossil fuels could go to coal workers [after they lose their jobs?] This won’t work but the fees will be passed on to the middle class and the poor will struggle.

While he says he doesn’t support Medicare for All, his Romneycare wasn’t much better.

Then he repeated Democrat talking points about the separation of families — “a very dark chapter.” That didn’t bother him when Obama and Bush did it.

The senator has yet to endorse a candidate in the 2020 presidential election but has said that Trump will likely win re-election in 2020 as an incumbent presiding over a strong economy.

  • A key to understanding this behavior is to understand the motives of Romney (and Reid). It’s not money. I doubt they have sincere philosophical reasons, since they have never appeared to be philosophical. I think it must be jealously. They do not like seeing someone take off the gloves, show individual leadership, and win. These establishment conformists have had their tidy little world upset by the Trump win. The resent Trump.

    Romey will do whatever he can to ruin Trump, that is a primary goal.

  • Mit Romney is worthless, just like his Dad, George. Attacks and undermines Trump just like his Dad undermined Goldwater.