Frederick Douglass’s “Bad Man,” Jim Comey Could Face Criminal Prosecution


Both James Comey, the former FBI Director and his Deputy, Andrew McCabe were recommended for criminal prosecution by the Obama-appointed Inspector General for the Department of Justice, David Horowitz. Rep. Meadows said Comey’s problems have only just begun.

Ironically, earlier this month, Comey tweeted, In 1867, Frederick Douglass said: “Our government may at some time be in the hands of a bad man… We ought to have our government so shaped that even when in the hands of a bad man we shall be safe.” Did we shape it well enough? The test is underway.

Isn’t that the truth, only he’s the “bad man.”

Americans didn’t hear about the hearing where IG Horowitz said the two men were recommended for criminal prosecution. The Democrats and their media didn’t want you to know about it. They only wanted to complain about Corey Lewandowski giving back some of what they’ve been dishing out at hearings for the past decade.


In a new column from Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel talks about the hearing the day after the Lewandowski hearing. Almost no members of the House Oversight Committee showed up. A few conservative outlets were in attendance. MSM was decidedly uninterested and conspicuously absent.

Strassel reports that Horowitz found enough wrongdoing on the part of former FBI Director Jim Comey and former Acting Director Andrew McCabe to recommend criminal referrals for them both. This is beyond the charges of leaking over which the DOJ decided not to charge him.

The hearing wasn’t intended to go over FISA and other abuses, but the question came up.


Horowitz debunked Comey’s claim that his behavior in leaking his memos to the press was “necessary or justified.”

“…Mr. Comey wasn’t entitled to leak sensitive FBI information simply because he didn’t like Donald Trump,” Strassel writes. “Mr. Horowitz later repeated that such behavior was ‘completely inconsistent with department policy.’ And he went out of his way to remind the committee that a 2018 inspector-general report had also ‘criticized [Mr. Comey] for usurping the authority of the attorney general to make prosecutorial decisions.’”

Horowitz seems to think that Comey didn’t take his Jan 6, 2016 meeting with Trump to “brief” him he was a target of a salacious new dossier. In fact, Trump was already under investigation. Comey was using the meeting to gather evidence against the president.

Additionally, neither the general House Oversight Committee nor the House Judiciary Committee has asked Mr. Horowitz to testify on his report.

When asked about it, Nadler said he’d read the letter from Horowitz.


Jim Comey has other problems. Fox News asked Hans Von Spakovsky if he thinks Comey should be worried since he is at risk for lying. Von Spakovsky said he should be very worried.

Comey has told at least two different stories about the leaks.

What Comey said to congressional investigators is different from his comments to IG Horowitz. He perjured himself. Rep. Mark Meadows said he is forwarding that information to IG Horowitz.

Andrew McCabe is using his megaphone on CNN to suggest IG Horowitz be replaced. He is despicable.


As Corey Lewandowski says in the interview below, leaking and then lying about it would have been a felony for anyone else.

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