Fredo Cuomo Channeling Fredo Corleone Presents the Worst Mafia Stereotypes


So while foulmouthed Fredo Cuomo bleats about the shortened form of Alfredo being an ethnic slur, he goes on an f-bomb dropping, old school, Mafia style rant, that included such threats as “I’ll ruin your s..t!”, (several times)  “I’ll throw you down these stairs like a punk.”

Here’s Santino Corleone ruining his brother-in-law, Carlo Rizzi’s s..t. .  Please go to the one minute mark.

And here we have the original, hapless, Fredo demanding unwarranted respect from his brother Michael.

To modify an old, time honored saying; with Italian American “friends” like Fredo Cuomo defending our “ethnic” honor, we don’t need any enemies.

Hey paisano. Thanks for nothing!

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