Free For All! WATCH the Violent Migrants Heading for the USA


What the media will not report is that there are massive invasions the size of caravans every day at numerous points on our border.


This violent mob of criminals broke through the gate in Guatemala yesterday, in the same location opportunists broke through last year.

The criminals leading these caravans blame the police for the violence.

Federal police escort them!

Lots of young men are coming and the Institute of Migration is aiding and abetting the invasion.

They show utter disrespect for our President.


None of these people look all that deprived. They are well-fed and dressed appropriately. Many have iPhones. This is a field trip for these opportunists.

In the municipality of mapastepec on the coast of chiapas , one of the caravans is temporarily delayed in a hostel where they await the permits awarded by the National Institute of migration.

All of them get permits to travel through Mexico to the United States — all of them.

They routinely gather in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, San Pedro Sula, to form US-bound caravans.

Many of these people are violent. They aren’t all wonderful.


The Socialist Axios news outlet reported that “Nothing stirs President Trump’s most radical ideas like immigration,” and entertains those some “consider illogical or wrong.” They are referencing his idea of sending all the illegals to sanctuary cities.

The idea is perfectly logical and right.

The President isn’t radical because he wants borders.

The radicals at Axios wrote: “People who know Trump will say his obsession is fueled by a combination of goading from Fox, the president’s recognition that his signature campaign promise is unmet, and his frustration with restrictions on his power.”

The lying media even claimed the President “imposed the Muslim travel ban” as they argued their case. But there never was a Muslim ban. The President banned several countries temporarily, the same ones Barack Obama banned. Axios knows this.

It is not an obsession to want to close the borders. It’s madness not to. These leftists don’t care what Americans want and are acting against the will of the people.

There are so many caravans on their way up to our border at this point, we’ve lost count. The equivalent of a caravan enters the U.S. illegally every week according to the border chief of the Rio Grande Valley.

The Senate’s solution is to discuss another lousy immigration reform bill instead of just following current laws.


  1. Much as I dislike Pelosi, she is NOT Commander-In-Chief, with the power to deploy military at our border to use active denial, tear gas, even deadly force, to stop these savages from invading our country. Exactly where is that guy and why is he sitting on his hands while Rome literally burns?

  2. Heading for the glorious people’s collective utopia and some of that free rainbow stew bubble up!
    Forward! Yes can Gringo Gabacho dumbass. Where’s my free stuff Yankee?

  3. And with a police escort no less. Was there even a dozen officers at the border gate.
    What was that about “bonanza”. Why are there ones covering their faces.

    At the time Trump was running I was rather soft on immigration but I’m pretty fed up with what’s going on. I guess Mexico changed their minds on “stopping” these people from continuing on. They are being “assisted” by Mexico, as the videos details. This is why I had a real serious problem with Sen. Kennedy on this issue. One solution suggested was closing the border and Only allowing commerce to enter. That would be a good start. There’s no complaint about economics then.

    • You and Trump must have switched places. Not it is “him” who has gone soft on immigration. He could do much more than he is doing to stop it. Instead, he does a great job pretending, tweeting, and talking. Action with tangible results, not so much.

  4. Time to declare martial law on the border. Shut it down completely. Deploy the Army, Federalize the National Guard and make sure nothing comes across. There will be a lot of whining about the economic impact, but what is the long term impact of allowing this flood of criminal invades to continue to come in? Time to defend our borders, we are at war and way too many people can’t see it.

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